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Quantum electrodynamics tested 100 times more accurately

Using a newly developed technique, scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics (MPIK) in Heidelberg have measured the very small…

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How magnetic is helium-3?

In a joint experimental-theoretical study, physicists at the Heidelberg Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics (MPIK), together with collaborators…

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Collisions with electrons cool molecular ions

Laser spectroscopic measurements on methylidene ions in the CSR using the elektron cooler

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Matter/antimatter symmetry and “antimatter clock” studied at once

In Nature, the BASE collaboration at CERN reports on the world's most accurate comparison between protons and antiprotons: The charge-to-mass ratios…

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MPIK twice among the finalists for “Breakthrough of the Year 2021“

Both the work on coherent control of nuclear excitations with suitably shaped X-ray light and the new method for sympathetic laser cooling of protons…

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Andreas Wolf receives Dieter Möhl Medal

Andreas Wolf received a Dieter Möhl Medal 2021 for “his pioneering work in the use of low energy electron coolers in merging electron beams for atomic…

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A passion for precision

The Otto Hahn Prize 2021 goes to Klaus Blaum of the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg. The award is endowed with 50,000 euros and…

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Revealing the secrets of an exotic nucleus

The exotic nucleus tin-100 is challenging to access experimentally, but ab initio calculations provide reliable results. This is shown by new…

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DPG Dissertation Prize for Jonas Karthein

For his PhD thesis on "Next-Generation Mass Spectrometry of Exotic Isotopes and Isomers" Dr. Jonas Karthein was awarded the Dissertation Prize of…

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In the trap: new cooling method for charged particles

For the first time, physicists have successfully implemented a new method for cooling protons using laser-cooled ions – here beryllium ions. The…

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Important measuring method of neutrino physics on the test bench

With precise mass measurements and highly accurate calculations, a team led by MPI for Nuclear Physics has now succeeded in independently testing the…

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Cooling of single ions via tank circuit coupling

Members of the group around Sven Sturm in the division of Klaus Blaum at MPIK present a novel technique that allows to efficiently cool arbitrary ions…

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Otto-Haxel-Preis for Stefan Dickopf

For his outstanding achievements and the best experimental work in his master's degree, Stefan Dickopf receives this year's Otto Haxel Prize from the…

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Exploring the Strong Interaction in the Universe

Achim Schwenk, Professor of Nuclear Physics at TU Darmstadt and Max Planck Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, has…

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BASE opens up new possibilities in the search for cold dark matter

The Baryon Antibaryon Symmetry Experiment (BASE) at CERN’s Antimatter Factory has set new limits on the mass of axion-like particles – hypothetical…

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Limits of atomic nuclei predicted

Novel calculations have enabled the study of nearly 700 isotopes between helium and iron, showing which nuclei can exist and which cannot. In an…

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Jonas Karthein receives the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Dissertation Prize 2020

For his PhD thesis on "Next-Generation Mass Spectrometry of Exotic Isotopes and Isomers" Dr. Jonas Karthein was awarded the Heidelberg Wilhelm and…

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Lise Meitner Prize of the European Physical Society for Klaus Blaum

Highest European award in the field of nuclear physics

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Achim Schwenk another five years Max Planck Fellow at MPIK

The President of the Max Planck Society has appointed Prof. Achim Schwenk, Institute for Nuclear Physics of TU Darmstadt, as Max Planck Fellow at the…

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Mass of the deuteron corrected

High-precision measurements of the mass of the deuteron, the nucleus of heavy hydrogen, provide new insights into the reliability of fundamental…

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Klaus Blaum new Vice President of the MPG

From 1 July 2020 the Max Planck Society has three new Vice Presidents elected by its Senate: Asifa Akhtar, Ulman Lindenberger and Klaus Blaum are now…

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Quantum jump tipping the balance

Measuring tiny differences in mass between different quantum states provides new insights into heavy atoms

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A new approach to the hunt for Dark Matter

Researchers now harnessing antimatter in their search for Dark Matter

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Precision laser spectroscopy of highly charged ions

Novel method for finding narrow transitions

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Chemistry of the cosmological dark ages studied in the lab

New measurements imply dramatically higher abundance of helium hydride ions in the early universe

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Erste Resultate des neuen ALPHATRAP-Experiments

g-Faktor des gebundenen Elektrons in borartigen Argon-Ionen mit höchster Präzision gemessen

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IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics für Andreas Mooser

Für seine herausragenden Beiträge zum präzisesten Vergleich des Proton-zu-Antiproton Ladungs-zu-Masseverhältnisses und zum Vergleich der magnetischen…

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Klaus Blaum gewinnt erneut Advanced Grant des Europäischen Forschungsrats

In der jüngsten Ausschreibungsrunde für Advanced Grants des Europäischen Forschungsrats (ERC) war Prof. Dr. Klaus Blaum vom MPI für Kernphysik mit…

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Königlich Schwedische Akademie der Wissenschaften wählt Klaus Blaum zum Auswärtigen Mitglied ihrer Physikklasse

Die Königlich Schwedische Akademie der Wissenschaften hat Prof. Dr. Klaus Blaum zum Auswärtigen Mitglied ihrer Physikklasse gewählt. Die Entscheidung…

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Deutsch-japanische Kooperation für höchste Präzision am Start

MPG-PTB-RIKEN-Zentrum für Zeit, Konstanten und fundamentale Symmetrien

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