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Master and bachelor theses

Atomic and molecular quantum dynamics

Master theses

Our team is looking for Master students for various projects at the Cryogenic Storage Ring (CSR). The here proposed position includes measurements and related preparatory works for the electron-ion recombination studies with state-selected molecular ions.


You can learn about:

  • Quantum dynamics of multielectron molecular systems
  • Laboratory astrochemistry
  • A pioneering, worldwide-unique research facility
  • State of the art counting and imaging detectors
  • Production of ultracold electron beams
  • Analysis of large datasets, datamining
  • Storage ring and accelerator physics
  • Cryogenic and vacuum technology
  • Labview/ROOT/python programming

Your tasks:

  • Modeling internal relaxation of specific molecular ions in CSR (radiative cooling and inelastic electron-ion collisions)
  • CSR measurements on recombination of specific molecular ion (e.g., HD+, N2H+, etc.)
  • Data analysis
  • Staying interested in and supporting other CSR projects

You can enjoy:

  • Working in an international, gender-balanced team
  • Support from electronics and precision mechanics workshops and in-house engineering design office
  • Nature-surrounded working place with a good bus connection

Interested? We will be happy to hear from you!
More Master positions are available at CSR, do not hesitate to ask!

Physics background:

The neutralization of molecular ion by the capture of a free electron is usually accompanied by an excess of energy leading to the breakup of the resulting neutral molecule. This dissociative recombination (DR) reaction is a fundamental process that often governs chemistry in cold plasmas such as interstellar clouds. The complexity of electron capture, interference between dissociation pathways, and the strong structural change in DR make the process difficult to calculate theoretically. Experimental studies are also challenging due to the strong dependence of the DR process on the rotational excitation of the molecular ions in typical room temperature experiments. The CSR is a worldwide unique setup for studying DR in a cryogenic environment where the ions radiatively deexcite to their ro-vibrational ground state. Studies with such state-defined ions are then of high value in astrochemical models as well as for benchmarking quantum dynamics theories.


Dr. Oldrich Novotny: Phone +49 6221 516-547 | MPIK
PD Dr. Holger Kreckel: Phone +49 6221 516-517 | MPIK
Prof. Dr. Klaus Blaum: Phone +49 6221 516-851 | Secretariat

Selected CSR publications:

Kálosi, Á. et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 183402 (2022)
Grieser, M. et al., Rev. Sci. Instr. 93, 063302 (2022)
Müll, D. et al., Phys. Rev. A 104, 032811 (2021)
Novotný, O. et al., Science, 365, 676 (2019)
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