Seminar Dynamics and Structure of Atoms and Molecules

Usually on Wednesdays at 09:30 in the Central Seminar Room

Archive of past seminars

Winter semester 2022/23

  • 2022/10/19, 09:30 am, Marius Lutz, Ultrafast Liquid Crystal Dynamics: Ultrashort Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction on Liquid Crystals
  • 2022/10/26, 09:30 am, Hemkumar Srinivas, Ionizing atoms&molecules in strong fields: RABBITT experiments
  • 2022/11/02, 09:30 am, Daniel Richter, Excited atoms&molecules in strong fields: Laser pulse reconstruction in transient absorption spectroscopy using machine-learning regression models
  • 2022/11/09, 09:30 am, Dr. Elwin Dijck, Highly charged ion dynamics: Superconducting magnetic shielding for trapped ion qubits
  • 2022/11/16, 09:30 am, Lynda Hutchinson, School of Mathematics and Physics, Queen´s University Belfast: Bridging the gap between Computational AMO Physics and Attoscience Experiment
  • 2022/11/23, 09:30 am, Tobias Heldt, Highly charged ion dynamics: Towards non-linear Excitation of the Thorium-229 Nucleus
  • 2022/11/30, 09:30 am, Marc Botz, Highly charged ion dynamics: Experimental determination of relative electron collisional excitation cross sections of highly charged tin in an EBIT
  • 2022/12/07, 09:30 am, Maximilian Richter, Excited atoms&molecules in strong fields: Machine learning from a physicists perspective
  • 2022/12/14, 11:00 am, Claus Dieter Schröter: Safety lectures
  • 2022/12/21, 09:30 am, Krishnendu Gope, PTB Braunschweig: tba
  • 2023/01/11, 09:30 am, Dr. Rui Jin, Excited atoms&molecules in strong fields: Plasma and atomic physics with FELs
  • 2023/01/18, 09:30 am, Patrick Friebel, Ultrafast Lyquid Crystal Dynamics (ULCD): tba
  • 2023/01/25, 09:30 am, Silva Mezinska, Ultra-cold dynamics and collisions: Lithium two-color ionization
  • 2023/02/01, 09:30 am, Maximilian Mader, Marieke Steinfatt, Ultrafast Liquid Crystal Dynamics: Recirculating flat jet liquid crystal system: design -implementation and alignment measurements
  • 2023/02/08, 09:30 am, Ilja Zebergs, Ionizing atoms&molecules in strong fields: TrapREMI
  • 2023/02/15, 09:30 am, Felix Herrmann, David Chicharro Vacas, The cryogenic reaction microscope: First (test)-measurements with the CSR REMI