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PhD student

Laser-matter interaction at extreme intensities

Laser-matter interaction at ultra-high intensities is a new rapidly growing area of research. The scientific community is interested in intense gamma sources, production of antimatter, QED cascades, and even more exotic processes such as nonlinearities of the quantum vacuum. Thus, strong-field QED is at the core of the scientific mission of the largest laser facilities all over the world. In contemporary laser-plasma interaction research we need Particle-In-Cell (PIC) codes including QED processes able to run on top supercomputers.

We seek a PhD student with a strong background in programming (C++, CUDA, Python, Fortran) and willing to carry out cutting edge research in the development of novel numerical techniques as well as implementing new QED processes into existing PIC codes. Working on this interdisciplinary project will provide a good opportunity to learn methods at the front of research in this rapidly growing field. The ideal skilled candidate is interested both in physics and computer science.

Please send your application including CV by email to Matteo Tamburini.