Particle and Astroparticle Theory Seminar

Usually on Mondays 11:30 or 16:30 Uhr in the Seminar Room GE339 gentner laboratory

Organisation: Andreas Trautner

Archive of past seminars

Summer semester 2022

  • 2022/04/25, 04:30 pm, Dr. Raghuveer Garani: Dark matter self-interactions in the matter power spectrum
  • 2022/05/09, 04:30 pm, Dr. Clara Murgui (Caltech): Flavourful footprints towards TeV scale Physics
  • 2022/05/16, 04:30 pm, Dr. Obinna Umeh (Portsmouth): Obtaining smooth distances from a lumpy universe
  • 2022/05/23, 04:30 pm, Dr. Ennio Salvioni: Gegenbauer Goldstones
  • 2022/05/30, 04:30 pm, Jorge Terol Calvo (IAC, La Laguna): Supernova constraints on dark flavoured sectors
  • 2022/06/20, 04:30 pm, Dr. Dimitrios Papoulias (Ioannina): Coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering: electroweak and new physics probes
  • 2022/06/27, 04:30 pm, Motoko Fujiwara (Tokyo): Capture of Electroweak Multiplet Dark Matter in Neutron Stars
  • 2022/07/11, 04:30 pm, Dr. Peter Denton (Brookhaven): Sterile neutrinos at 1 eV