Particle and Astroparticle Theory Seminar

Usually on Mondays 11:30 or 16:30 Uhr in the Seminar Room GE339 gentner laboratory

Organisation: Andreas Trautner

Archive of past seminars

Winter semester 2021/22

  • 2021/10/18, 04:30 pm, Dr. Matthew McCullough (CERN/Cambridge): Self-Organised Localisation
  • 2021/10/28, 04:15 pm, Dr. Manibrata Sen (MPIK): Constraining keV sterile neutrino dark matter through lab and cosmo surveys
  • 2021/11/08, 04:30 pm, Dr. Kristjan Kannike (NICPB, Tallinn): Multi-phase criticality of dynamical symmetry breaking
  • 2021/11/15, 04:30 pm, Dr. Hiroshi Ohki (Nara Women's University): Lattice study of neutron electric dipole moment and strong CP problem
  • 2021/11/22, 04:30 pm, Dr. Soubhik Kumar (Berkeley): TwInflation: Addressing the Eta Problem with a Z2 Symmetry
  • 2021/11/29, 04:30 pm, Dr. Elena Kozlikin (ITP): Structure formation with Kinetic Field Theory
  • 2021/12/06, 04:30 pm, Prof. Jessica Turner (Durham): Assessing the tension between a black hole dominated early universe and leptogenesis
  • 2021/12/13, 04:30 pm, Yong Xu (Bonn): Polynomial Inflation
  • 2022/01/10, 04:30 pm, Dr. Francesco Capozzi (Virginia Tech): Astrophysical constraints on the neutrino magnetic moment
  • 2022/01/17, 04:30 pm, Dr. Stefano Gariazzo (Torino): Cosmic Neutrino Background
  • 2022/01/24, 04:30 pm, Dr. Tongyan Lin (San Diego): Dark matter direct detection with dielectrics
  • 2022/01/31, 04:30 pm, Prof. Dr. Evgeny Akhmedov (MPIK): Nuclear fusion catalyzed by doubly charged scalars: Implications for energy production
  • 2022/02/07, 04:30 pm, Prof. Dr. Alberto Mariotti (Brussels): Tba.