Bothe Colloquium

Usually on Wednesdays at 11:15 in the Central Seminar Room (library building)

Organisation: Alexander Dorn

Archive of past seminars

Summer semester 2024

  • 2024/04/17, 11:15 am, Dr. Fabian Wolf; QUEST Institute for Experimental Quantum Metrology PTB: Quantum logic with molecular ions
  • 2024/05/08, 11:15 am, Prof. Marcus Dahlström, Department of Physics, Lund University: Playing with XUV-dressed atoms: Stabilization, entanglement, triplets, zero areas and other ideas from quantum optics
  • 2024/05/22, 11:15 am, Prof. Simon Stellmer, Universität Bonn: Isotope shift spectroscopy
  • 2024/06/05, 11:15 am, Prof. Enno Giese, TU Darmstadt: tba