Seminar Stored and Cooled Ions

Usually every fortnight, Wednesday at 3:00 pm, Central Seminar Room

Organisation: Andreas Wolf

Archive of past seminars

Summer semester 2023

  • 2023/04/19, 03:30 pm, Prof. Dr. Jean-Philippe Karr, Université d'Evry-Val d'Essonne, France: Perspectives in hydrogen molecular ion spectroscopy
  • 2023/05/10, 03:00 pm, PD Dr. Sven Sturm, MPIK: Comparing positron and electron with the Lepton Symmetry Experiment (LSyM)
  • 2023/05/25, 03:00 pm, Dr. Michele Sguazzin, LP2i Bordeaux: Study of surrogate reactions at heavy ion storage rings
  • 2023/06/14, 03:00 pm, Damian Müll, MPIK: Studies of the cooling behavior of isolated Al4- molecules in the CSR
  • 2023/08/02, 03:00 pm, Dr. Caroline Rodenbeck, KIT: tba