Seminar Stored and Cooled Ions

Usually every fortnight, Wednesday at 3:00 pm, Central Seminar Room

Organisation: Andreas Wolf

Archive of past seminars

Summer semester 2022

  • 2022/06/01, 03:00 pm, Annika Oetjens, MPIK: Planning and testing the laser beam transfer line at the CSR
  • 2022/06/08, 03:00 pm, Antonia Schneider, MPIK: Direct measurement of the 3He+ and 3He2+ magnetic moments
  • 2022/07/27, 03:00 pm, Charlotte König, MPIK: tbd
  • 2022/08/03, 03:00 pm, Markus Wiesinger, MPIK/Uni Mainz: Sympathetic cooling of a single individually-trapped proton in a Penning trap