Seminar Stored and Cooled Ions

Usually every fortnight, Wednesday at 3:00 pm, Central Seminar Room

Organisation: Andreas Wolf

Archive of past seminars

Winter semester 2020/21

  • 2020/10/21, 03:00 pm, Dr. Liss Vazquez Rodriguez, CERN: Laser spectroscopy of tin isotopes: simplicity from complexity.
  • 2020/11/18, 02:30 pm, Ragandeep Singh Sidhu, GSI Darmstadt: Measurement of the bound-state beta decay of bare 205Tl81+ ions at the Experimental Storage Ring
  • 2020/12/09, 03:00 pm, Dr. Alexander Tichai, TU Darmstadt: Recent Advances in Ab Initio Nuclear Structure Theory
  • 2021/01/13, 03:00 pm, Dr. Manfred Grieser, MPIK: Isochronous Mass Spectrometry in the CSR
  • 2021/02/10, 03:00 pm, Christoph Schweiger, MPIK: High-precision mass measurements for neutrino physics with PENTATRAP