Seminar Stored and Cooled Ions

Usually every fortnight, Wednesday at 3:00 pm, Central Seminar Room

Organisation: Andreas Wolf

Archive of past seminars

Summer semester 2021

  • 2021/04/21, 03:00 pm, Christoph Schweiger, MPIK: High-precision mass measurements for neutrino physics with PENTATRAP
  • 2021/05/12, 03:00 pm, Tim Sailer, MPIK: Coupled ions in a Penning trap: A new measurement technique
  • 2021/06/02, 03:00 pm, Laszlo Varga, GSI Darmstadt: Recent proton-capture experiments in the Experimental Storage Ring of GSI
  • 2021/06/16, 03:00 pm, Abel Kalosi, MPIK: Threefold role of electrons in collisions with molecular ions at CSR
  • 2021/07/14, 03:00 pm, Dr. Alexander Rischka, MPIK: Towards a Penning Trap based Quantum Simulator