Seminar Stored and Cooled Ions

Usually every fortnight, Wednesday at 3:00 pm, Central Seminar Room

Organisation: Andreas Wolf

Summer semester 2020

  • 2020/04/22, 03:00 pm, Matthew Bohman, MPIK: Toward Sympathetic Cooling of Protons
  • 2020/05/13, 03:00 pm, Dr. Manfred Grieser, MPIK: Investigation of dispersive heating effects in the CSR electron target
  • 2020/05/27, 03:00 pm, Daniel Paul, MPIK: Rotational state selective electron recombination of CH+ molecules
  • 2020/07/01, 03:00 pm, Dr. Alexander Egl, MPIK: High-Precision Laser Spectroscopy of the Fine Structure in 40Ar13+ at ALPHATRAP
  • 2020/07/08, 03:00 pm, Jonathan Morgner, MPIK: Developments towards high-fidelity entangling gates in a surface-electrode ion trap