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Ultrafast Liquid Crystal Dynamics

Despite tremendous developments in LC (liquid crystal) based technology and though sub-picosecond LC dynamics has been observed, its understanding is still of a fragmentary nature. The physics of ultrafast LCs dynamics, involving possible coupling between electron and molecular degrees of freedom, in fact is largely unexplored. In our group we intend to tackle such challenging investigation using state of art pump-probe techniques in a broad range of wavelengths, from THz to extreme ultraviolet, and time scales, from pico- down to attosecond.



Yearbook 2022: Liquid Crystal meets ultrafast laser spectroscopy

Liquid Crystals (LCs) represent a benchmark material to study phenomena which occur across different states of matter, occupying a spot between solids…

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Laura Cattaneo new research group leader at the MPIK

Dr. Laura Cattaneo was selected by the MPG for a position as an independent Max Planck Research Group (MPRG) leader. She will set up her group from…

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