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Lepton Symmetry Experiment

Why does our visible universe contain almost exclusively matter and not antimatter ? In fact, our current theories of physics predict that during the "big bang", (almost) identical amounts of matter and antimatter have been produced. While our standard model of physics has been probed and tested successfully in numerous laboratory experiments up to highest precision, the existence of our world demonstrates that a piece of the puzzle is missing to our understanding of physics.

LSym will compare the electron and its antimatter-counterpart, the positron, in an ion trap to previously unprecedented precision and will so perform the world-wide most sensitive test of the matter/antimatter symmetry.



ERC Advanced Grant awarded to MPIK-group leader Sven Sturm

Priv. Doz. Dr. Sven Sturm has been awarded one of the prestigious ERC Advanced Grants in the latest round of calls for proposals by the European…

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