Seminar Theoretical Quantum Dynamics

Usually on Tuesdays at 11:15 in the Seminar Room Bothe Laboratory (BO242).

Organisation: Christoph Keitel, Matteo Tamburini or Sibel Babacan.

Summer semester 2020

  • 2020/04/28, 11:15 am, Halil Cakir, MPIK: QED theory of few-electron ions for precision physics (online seminar)
  • 2020/05/12, 11:15 am, Dr. Erez Raicher, MPIK: Electron radiation in counterpropagating beams (online seminar)
  • 2020/05/26, 11:15 am, Dr. Brenden Nickerson, MPIK: Efforts towards a 229Th nuclear clock in the crystal environment (online seminar)
  • 2020/06/09, 11:15 am, Dominik Lentrodt, MPIK: Ab initio quantum models for x-ray cavity QED (online seminar)
  • 2020/06/23, 11:15 am, Dr. Tobias Wistisen, MPIK: Transmutation of protons into neutrons in a strong electromagnetic field (online seminar)
  • 2020/07/07, 11:15 am, Kamil Dzikowski, MPIK: Practical applications of the effective charge method in atomic physics (online seminar)
  • 2020/07/21, 11:15 am, Daniel Bakucz Canário, MPIK: TBA (online seminar)