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Astrophysical Plasma Theory

The group's principle areas of research include theoretical and observational aspects of sources of high energy particles and their associated radiative signatures.

Group Members

MemberOfficeTel. +49 6221 516-
Brian Reville3L22-589
Gwenael GiacintiCTAO-584
John Kirk (personal webpage)3L25-482
Michelle TsirouCTAO-585
Naveen KumarCTAO-592
Nils SchweenCTAO-585
Zhiqiu HuangCTAO-585

Former Members

Dr Grigorios Katsoulakos

Mr William Lamb




Experiments watch turbulent dynamo amplifying magnetic fields

An international collaboration, co-led by the University of Oxford and University of Rochester together with the Astrophysical Plasma Theory group at…

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New insights into the inner machinery of Eta Carinae

By which means does the extremely massive and luminous binary star Eta Carinae produce x-rays and gamma rays? In an MPIK-led study, astrophysicists…

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