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Astrophysical Plasma Theory

The group's principle areas of research include theoretical and observational aspects of sources of high energy particles and their associated radiative signatures.

Group Members

NameRaumTel. +49 6221 516-
Brian RevilleGE305-589
Cormac LarkinGE317-585
Florian SchulzeGE319-591
Jieshuang WangGE316-592
John Kirk (personal webpage)GE312-482
Lucia HärerGE307-484
Makarim BouyahiaouiBO251-831
Nils SchweenGE309-557
Thibault VieuGE310-584
Zhiqiu HuangGE322-484

Master Students

NameRaumTel. +49 6221 516-
Christian HeppeGE322-

Former Members

Dr Gwenael Giacinti  (now at TDLI)

Dr Michelle Tsirou     (now at DESY)

Dr Naveen Kumar

Dr Grigorios Katsoulakos

Mr William Lamb




H.E.S.S. watches a nova outburst for the first time

Last August marked the first opportunity to observe a nova outburst in very-high-energy gamma rays and to follow both its growth and subsequent fading…

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Very-high-energy afterglow of a gamma-ray burst challenges emission scenarios

Researchers from the H.E.S.S. Collaboration succeeded to derive the intrinsic spectrum of the very-high-energy gamma-ray afterglow emission of a…

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Experiments watch turbulent dynamo amplifying magnetic fields

An international collaboration, co-led by the University of Oxford and University of Rochester together with the Astrophysical Plasma Theory group at…

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