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Recent research highlights

Special issue of the journal “Astronomy & Astrophysics” dedicated to H.E.S.S.

A&A  Issue 612 in April 2018 was devoted entirely to “H.E.S.S. phase-I observations of the plane of the Milky Way”. MPIK group members played in important role in many of the articles of the special issue and in particular the  Survey of the Galactic Plane. See press release (English, German) and Galactic Plane Survey figures and data.

Improved limit on Neutrinoless Double-β Decay of 76Ge  from GERDA Phase II

Published in the March issue of  Physical Review Letters in 2018 ( arXiv). An incredibly sensitive measurement to search for a process so rare it happens to a 76Ge nucleus only once every 4 x 1015 times the age of the universe. These measurements aim to shed light on the origin of matter in the universe as well as the fundamental nature of the neutrino.

Very-high-energy particle acceleration powered by the jets of the microquasar SS 433

Published in the journal  Nature in October 2018 ( arXiv) this result from HAWC proves that particles can be accelerated to close to PeV (1015 electronvolts) energies in the jets of the accreting binary star systems known as microquasars.

An undiscovered pulsar in the local bubble as an explanation of the local high energy cosmic ray all-electron spectrum

In December 2018 this  article ( arXiv) from MPIK scientists shows that the recent local cosmic ray electron spectrum measurement from H.E.S.S. could be explained by a single very nearby and as yet undiscovered pulsar.

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