Gentner Colloquium

Usually on Wednesdays at 11:15 in the Central Seminar Room (library building)

Organisation: Manfred Lindner

Archive of past seminars

Summer semester 2021

  • 2021/04/14, 04:00 pm, Dr. Katelin Schutz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA): Making dark matter out of light: the cosmology of sub-MeV freeze-in
  • 2021/04/28, 04:00 pm, Assistant Prof. Dr. Stephanie Wissel (Penn State Univ.): Cosmic Neutrino Experiments at the Highest Energies: Present and Future
  • 2021/05/12, 11:15 am, Dr. Harald Lück (Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik, Hannover): The Einstein Telescope - listening to the murmurs of the universe (status and prospects)
  • 2021/05/26, 11:15 am, Dr. Julia Harz (TU München): The quest for the origin of matter -- new approaches and refined methods
  • 2021/06/09, 11:15 am, Prof. Dr. Alberto Lusiani (INFN Pisa, Italy): First measurement of the muon magnetic anomaly at Fermilab
  • 2021/06/23, 04:00 pm, Prof. Dr. Martin Erdmann (RWTH, Aachen): Deep Learning meets Physics
  • 2021/07/07, 04:00 pm, Prof. Dr. Daniel McKinsey (UC Berkeley, USA): Probing Sub-GeV Dark Matter with Superfluid Helium: The HeRALD Experiment