Gentner Colloquium

Usually on Wednesdays at 11:15 in the Central Seminar Room (library building)

Organisation: Manfred Lindner

Archive of past seminars

Winter semester 2022/23

  • 2022/10/26, 11:15 am, Dr. Martin Meggle-Freund (MFG Patentanwälte, München): Sind Neutrinos patentierbar?
  • 2022/11/30, 11:15 am, Prof. Dr. Skyler Degenkolb, Heidelberg University: From the lowest energies to the highest: constraints on CP violation from permanent electric dipole moments
  • 2023/01/11, 01:00 pm, Dr. Thierry Lasserre, IRFU CEA, Saclay: Searching for light sterile neutrinos and relic neutrinos with KATRIN
  • 2023/02/08, 11:15 am, Jun. Prof. Dr. Felix Kahlhöfer (KIT, Karlsruhe): The collider cosmology connection