The Institute’s library presently holds about 26 200 monographs, book series, conference proceedings, theses prepared at the MPIK and about 6 700 journal volumes. Via the Max Planck Society, the library provides access to e-books, online dictionaries, databases and more than 40 000 e-journals. MPIK actively participates in the Max Planck Society’s open access activities with the Max Planck digital library. The publication management system PuRe offers the opportunity to publish papers and supplementary material and to prepare individual publication lists.

Librarian: Michael Bernard, Phone: +49 6221 516-333

MPIK Library


Information Technology

The central computer infrastructure provides computing power and storage space. A Linux cluster and several special-purpose servers with about 6500 processor cores are available for processing batch jobs. Data is stored on hard disks with a total capacity of over 13 Petabyte. For fast access, most of the data space is organized as a parallel file system. A central tape library is used as a backup system to assure data safety and as a long-term archive. All servers and file systems are attached with up to 100 Gigabit Ethernet connections to the network. The cluster mainly serves for data storage, data analysis and simulations in gamma-ray astronomy as well as for time-consuming calculations in theoretical quantum dynamics.

Further, the IT group operates mail and web servers, supports users with desktop hardware and software, and maintains the technical infrastructure in the lecture hall and seminar rooms.

Head: Dr. Frank Köck, Phone: +49 6221 516-518

Computer Help Desk (internal)


Public Relations and Media

The research results of the Institute shall be known well beyond the scientific community: a public relations team writes press releases about selected results which are published via the Institute’s homepage and internet services. Detailed information about the research at the Institute is kept up to date both online and as printed matter. Groups of visitors are welcome for guided institute tours; for school students, there are the “Saturday morning physics” courses. Further, the picture archive is maintained and support is offered for graphics processing and printing posters.

Press and public relations:
Dr. Renate Hubele (Leitung) | Phone: 06221 516-651
Dr. Bernold Feuerstein (Pressesprecher) | Phone: 06221 516-281

Media/poster printing: Martina Strunz, Phone: +49 6221 516-526

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