Institute Management

Prof. Dr. Jim Hinton (Managing Director)
Phone: +496221 516-140

PD Dr. Günter Sparn (Representative of the Board of Directors)
Phone: +496221 516-600

PD Dr. Werner Rodejohann (Research Coordinator)
Phone: +496221 516-601

Public Relations

Dr. Renate Hubele (head), PD Dr. Bernold Feuerstein (press officer) and Dr. Gertrud Hönes (editor)
Phone: +496221 516-651 or +496221 516-281 or +496221 516-572
Please contact us preferably via e-mail.

Guided tours for groups at MPIK

Scientific Service

Library: Gernot Vogt, Phone +496221 516-333

Information Technology: Dr. Frank Köck, Phone +496221 516-518