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Electronics stock / Purchasing

Our components stock is open to everyone at MPIK. It offers a basic stock of the most common electronic and electromechanical components for device construction.

  • passive electronic components (capacitors, resistors, coils, fuses)
  • some active components (transistors (link), regulators, diodes, TTL logic, LEDs)
  • plugs/sockets for PCB or housing mounting
  • HF/HV connectors (SMA, BNC, Lemo, SHV, ...) and adapters
  • coaxial cable, stranded wire, ribbon cable, ....
  • heat-shrink tubing
  • small enclosures
  • batteries and accessories
  • small materials (housing feet, cable ties, ...)

In addition, we are also happy to contribute our many years of experience and use our good contacts with suppliers to support you in the selection and procurement of electronic components or devices.