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Diploma / Master

32 Radiative Corrections to Nonlinear Compton Scattering

A. Hosak
Master (2024)

31 Shaping waveform of X-ray Mössbauer scattering into short pulses

J. Lee
Master (2023)

30 Quasiclassical representation of the Volkov states and radiative corrections for the nonlinear Compton scattering

F. Fronimos Pouliasis
Master (2022)

29 Inverse design of artificial few-level schemes with Mössbauer nuclei in thin-film cavities

O. Diekmann
Master (2021)

28 Temporal phase and polarization interferometry at x-ray energies : Reconstruction of phase-related observables and temporal pulse shaping

M. Gerharz
Master (2021)

27 The mass shift and the anomalous magnetic moment of the electron in an intense plane wave field

T. Pătuleanu
Master (2021)

26 Arbitrary phase control of X-ray pulses with zeptosecond phase stability

P. van den Heuvel
Master (2021)

25 On the High-Energy Behaviour of Stong-Field QED in an Intense Plane Wave

T. Podszus
Master (2019)

24 Measuring the energy spectra of unknown samples using coherent control of the complex phase of X-rays

B. Herkommer
Master (2019)

23 Practical Criterion for Single-Photon Entanglement at X-Ray Energies

F. Lauble
Master (2017)

22 Nuclear reactions in astrophysical plasmas

H. Gan
Master (2017)

21 Precision Physics of the Bound Electron g-factor

N. Michel
Master (2015)

20 Time Domain Control of X-Ray Quantum Dynamics

P. Reiser
Master (2014)

19 The Lanczos Algorithm in Relativistic Quantum Dynamics

R. Beerwerth
Master (2014)

18 Dissipative Dynamics in Many-Body Rydberg Systems

D. W. Schönleber
Master (2013)

17 Temporal dynamics of stimulated emission

A. Reichegger
Master (2013)

16 Peak intensity measurement of strong laser pulses using nonlinear Thomson scattering

O. Har-Shemesh and A. Di Piazza
Master (2012)

15 Models for correlated Rydberg gases

K. P. Heeg
Diploma (2011)

14 Optical Control of X-Ray Lasing

G. Darvasi
Diploma (2011)

13 Generation of Correlated Photon Pairs in a Quantum System with Broken Inversion Symmetry

F. Oster
Diploma (2011)

12 Nichtlokale Anfangszustände und Korrelationen beim Anregungstransport im FMO Komplex

D. Wörner and J. Evers
Diploma (2011)

11 Radiative corrections to electron states in intense laser fields

S. Meuren and C. H. Keitel
Diploma (2010)

10 Elektron–Positron–Paarerzeugung durch Multiphotonen–Absorption im Stoß eines relativistischen Myons mit einem hochfrequenten Laserstrahl

S. Müller and C. H. Keitel
Diploma (2009)

9 Spin-Eff ekte bei der Multiphotonen-Paarerzeugung

T. Müller and C. H. Keitel
Diploma (2009)

8 Multiphoton COMPTON scattering in ultra-short laser pulses

K. F. Mackenroth
Diploma (2009)

7 High-order harmonic generation in a circularly polarized standing laser wave

M. Kohler
Diploma (2008)

6 Vacuum-induced intra- and interatomic couplings in collective quantum systems

S. I. Schmid
Diploma (2008)

5 Gebunden-freie Paarerzeugung in kombinierten Laser- und Coulombfeldern

C. C. Deneke
Diploma (2008)

4 Negative Refraction in Atomic Two-Component Media

B. Jungnitsch
Diploma (2008)

3 Lossless Negative Refraction in Dense Atomic Gases

P. P. Orth
Diploma (2007)

2 Höhere QED-Bindungs-Korrekturen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Selbstenergie

B. J. W. Wundt
Diploma (2007)

1 Bremsstrahlung in a Circularly Polarized Laser Field

S. Schnez
Diploma (2006)