Teekolloquium / Kaffeepalaver

Usually on Thursdays at 11:15 am in the library building (Tea/Coffee in the Foyer at 10:45 am)
Teekolloquium in the Otto Hahn lecture hall
Kaffeepalaver in the Central Seminar Room

Organisation: Holger Kreckel and Brian Reville

Archive of past seminars

Summer semester 2023

  • 2023/04/20, 11:15 am, Kaffeepalaver Dr Zheng Gong: Electron polarization in plasma current filamentation instabilities
  • 2023/05/11, 11:15 am, Kaffeepalaver Luisa Hötzsch: First WIMP Dark Matter Search Results from the XENONnT Experiment
  • 2023/05/25, 11:15 am, Teekolloquium Prof. Dr Anna Soter: Precision particle physics with exotic atoms and antimatter
  • 2023/06/01, 11:15 am, Kaffeepalaver Andreas Knecht (Paul Scherrer Institut): Muonic atoms - a precision tool for nuclear, particle and applied physics
  • 2023/06/15, 11:15 am, Teekolloquium Prof. Caterina Riconda: Plasma based amplification and plasma optics: new trends and possibilities
  • 2023/06/22, 11:15 am, Teekolloquium Benoit Cerutti: Electrodynamics of black hole and pulsar magnetospheres
  • 2023/06/29, 11:15 am, Teekolloquium Prof. Dr. Klaus Kiefer, Universität Köln: Quantum Gravity - an unfinished revolution
  • 2023/07/13, 11:15 am, Teekolloquium Prof. Dr. Richard Schmidt: tbd
  • 2023/07/20, 11:15 am, Teekolloquium Dr Helke Hillebrand: Supporting career orientation and development - your Heidelberg Graduate Academy at work for you
  • 2023/07/26, 02:00 pm, Teekolloquium Frauke Logermann (Talent, Gender & Diversity affairs, GV, MPG): Vielfalt, Gleichberechtigung und Inklusion: Nur ein Trend oder wirklicher Mehrwert? (in deutscher Sprache)
  • 2023/07/27, 11:15 am, Teekolloquium Frauke Logermann (Talent, Gender & Diversity affairs, Max Planck Society): Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Just a trend or genuine benefit? (in English language)