Teekolloquium / Kaffeepalaver

Usually on Thursdays at 11:15 am in the Otto Hahn lecture hall in the library building (Tea/Coffee in the Foyer at 10:45 am)

Organisation: Holger Kreckel and Brian Reville

Archive of past seminars

Winter semester 2023/24

  • 2023/10/19, 11:15 am, Teekolloquium Prof. David Williams (UCSC): The Schwarzschild-Couder Telescope: A Transformative Design for Very High-Energy Gamma-Ray Astrophysics
  • 2023/11/02, 11:15 am, Teekolloquium Prof. Yu Hu Zhang: B$\rho$-defined isochronous mass spectrometry and mass measurements of short-lived nuclei at CSRe
  • 2023/11/16, 11:15 am, Kaffeepalaver Dr. Markus Wiesinger (MPIK): Sympathetic Laser-Cooling of a Single Proton for High-precision Comparison of the Fundamental Properties of Protons and Antiprotons
  • 2023/11/23, 11:15 am, Teekolloquium Prof. Dr. Claus Kiefer, Universität Köln: QUANTUM GRAVITY - GENERAL CONCEPTS AND RECENT DEVELOPMENTS
  • 2023/11/30, 11:15 am, Teekolloquium Prof. Ido Kaminer, Head of theAd Quanta Lab, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology: Free-Electron Quantum Optics
  • 2024/02/01, 11:15 am, Teekolloquium Prof. Jon Marangos - Imperial College London: tbc
  • 2024/02/08, 11:15 am, Kaffeepalaver Dr. Markus Klaiber, Leiter Betriebstechnik: Getriebe- und Verzahntechnik: ein Einblick in den Maschinenbau