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27 Electron Dynamics Controlled via Radiation Reaction

B. Brunner
Bachelor (2021)

26 Recoil correction to the energy levels of heavy muonic atoms

R. Chazotte
Bachelor (2021)

25 Short-wavelength radiation generation in ultra-relativistic laser-plasma interaction

C. Heppe
Bachelor (2020)

24 The Production of Neutron-Rich Isotopes by Laser-Driven Neutron Sources

A. E. Glück
Bachelor (2020)

23 Analytic Evaluation of Quantum Electrodynamic Corrections in One-Electron Ions

E. Dizer
Bachelor (2020)

22 Laser scattering calculations in pair producing plasmas

V. Leidel
Bachelor (2019)

21 Ion acceleration in laser-plasma interaction

L. Engelfried
Bachelor (2019)

20 Dynamical polarization control in X-ray quantum optics

M. L. Gerharz
Bachelor (2019)

19 Stabilised laser-driven radiation pressure acceleration of ions

T. A. Meinhold
Bachelor (2019)

18 Parametric instabilties of short and ultra-intense laser pulses in a plasma

F. Gleixner
Bachelor (2018)

17 Hadronic vacuum polarization in atoms

S. Breidenbach
Bachelor (2018)

16 Plasma screening effects in laser-generated plasmas

D. Elsing
Bachelor (2018)

15 Generation and Control of X-ray Frequency Combs Through Periodic Photon Manipulation

G. N. Ramien
Bachelor (2017)

14 Nucleosynthesis in Astrophysical Plasmas

A. Schneider
Bachelor (2016)

13 Investigation of the Kapitza-Dirac effect in elliptically polarized fields

R. Erhard
Bachelor (2015)

12 Energy Conservation In Fano Spectral Line Shape Control

D. Dold
Bachelor (2014)

11 Myonische Vakuumpolarisationskorrekturen zum g-Faktor eines gebunden Elektrons

R. Weis
Bachelor (2014)

10 Erzeugung eines nuklearen Polaritons mit zwei verschränkten Zweigen mithilfe von Magnetfelddrehungen

F. Lauble
Bachelor (2014)

9 Stimulated photon-photon scattering of three colliding high-energy Gaussian beams

J. Dombrowski
Bachelor (2014)

8 Comparison of classical and quantum mechanical dynamics in ionisation processes in strong laser fields

F. Klein
Bachelor (2012)

7 Spectrum guided integration for nonrelativistic quantum-mechanical problems

T. Gläßle
Bachelor (2012)

6 Ionization of Osmium in a Stellar Plasma under s-Process Conditions

K. Beckerle
Bachelor (2012)

5 Transparente Randbedingungen in der relativistischen Quantenmechanik

O. Friedrich
Bachelor (2011)

4 Coherent Control of Nuclear Excited State Population Using X-ray Free Electron Lasers

A. Junker
Bachelor (2011)

3 Stability analysis of a real space split operator method for the Klein-Gordon equation

F. Blumenthal
Bachelor (2011)

2 Nuclear Excitation by Electron Capture in Stellar Environments

S. Helmrich
Bachelor (2011)

1 Hyperfine optical resonance fluorescence spectrum of titaniumlike ions

I. Stasinopoulos
Bachelor (2011)