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29 Effects of non-linear excitation on the propagation of light through ensembles of nuclear two-level systems

D. Adigüzel
Bachelor (2024)

28 Hadronic and Leptonic Vacuum Polarisation, Nuclear Structure and Hyperfine Structure in Highly Charged Ions

J. Heiland Hoyo
Bachelor (2023)

27 Electron Dynamics Controlled via Radiation Reaction

B. Brunner
Bachelor (2021)

26 Recoil correction to the energy levels of heavy muonic atoms

R. Chazotte
Bachelor (2021)

25 Analytic Evaluation of Quantum Electrodynamic Corrections in One-Electron Ions

E. Dizer
Bachelor (2020)

24 Short-wavelength radiation generation in ultra-relativistic laser-plasma interaction

C. Heppe
Bachelor (2020)

23 The Production of Neutron-Rich Isotopes by Laser-Driven Neutron Sources

A. E. Glück
Bachelor (2020)

22 Laser scattering calculations in pair producing plasmas

V. Leidel
Bachelor (2019)

21 Dynamical polarization control in X-ray quantum optics

M. L. Gerharz
Bachelor (2019)

20 Stabilised laser-driven radiation pressure acceleration of ions

T. A. Meinhold
Bachelor (2019)

19 Ion acceleration in laser-plasma interaction

L. Engelfried
Bachelor (2019)

18 Plasma screening effects in laser-generated plasmas

D. Elsing
Bachelor (2018)

17 Parametric instabilties of short and ultra-intense laser pulses in a plasma

F. Gleixner
Bachelor (2018)

16 Hadronic vacuum polarization in atoms

S. Breidenbach
Bachelor (2018)

15 Generation and Control of X-ray Frequency Combs Through Periodic Photon Manipulation

G. N. Ramien
Bachelor (2017)

14 Nucleosynthesis in Astrophysical Plasmas

A. Schneider
Bachelor (2016)

13 Investigation of the Kapitza-Dirac effect in elliptically polarized fields

R. Erhard
Bachelor (2015)

12 Energy Conservation In Fano Spectral Line Shape Control

D. Dold
Bachelor (2014)

11 Stimulated photon-photon scattering of three colliding high-energy Gaussian beams

J. Dombrowski
Bachelor (2014)

10 Myonische Vakuumpolarisationskorrekturen zum g-Faktor eines gebunden Elektrons

R. Weis
Bachelor (2014)

9 Erzeugung eines nuklearen Polaritons mit zwei verschränkten Zweigen mithilfe von Magnetfelddrehungen

F. Lauble
Bachelor (2014)

8 Comparison of classical and quantum mechanical dynamics in ionisation processes in strong laser fields

F. Klein
Bachelor (2012)

7 Spectrum guided integration for nonrelativistic quantum-mechanical problems

T. Gläßle
Bachelor (2012)

6 Ionization of Osmium in a Stellar Plasma under s-Process Conditions

K. Beckerle
Bachelor (2012)

5 Transparente Randbedingungen in der relativistischen Quantenmechanik

O. Friedrich
Bachelor (2011)

4 Coherent Control of Nuclear Excited State Population Using X-ray Free Electron Lasers

A. Junker
Bachelor (2011)

3 Hyperfine optical resonance fluorescence spectrum of titaniumlike ions

I. Stasinopoulos
Bachelor (2011)

2 Nuclear Excitation by Electron Capture in Stellar Environments

S. Helmrich
Bachelor (2011)

1 Stability analysis of a real space split operator method for the Klein-Gordon equation

F. Blumenthal
Bachelor (2011)