Recent Publications

Eigenvector Continuation as an Efficient and Accurate Emulator for Uncertainty Quantification

S. König, A. Ekström, K. Hebeler, D. Lee, and A. Schwenk
Physics Letters B 810, 135814 (2020)

Doubly-magic character of 132Sn studied via electromagnetic moments of 133Sn

L. V. Rodríguez, D. L. Balabanski, M. L. Bissell, K. Blaum, B. Cheal, G. D. Gregorio, J. Ekman, R. F. Garcia Ruiz, A. Gargano, G. Georgiev, W. Gins, C. Gorges, H. Heylen, A. Kanellakopoulos, S. Kaufmann, V. Lagaki, S. Lechner, B. Maaß, S. Malbrunot-Ettenauer, R. Neugart, G. Neyens, W. Nörtershäuser, S. Sailer, R. Sánchez, S. Schmidt, L. Wehner, C. Wraith, L. Xie, Z. Y. Xu, ∥, X. F. Yang, and D. T. Yordanov
Physical Review C 102, 051301(R) (2020)

Simple new signature of structure in deformed nuclei: Distinguishing the nature of axial asymmetry

R. F. Casten, R. B. Cakirli, D. Bonatsos, and K. Blaum
Physical Review C 102, 054310 (2020)

Pulse length effects on autoionizing states under the influence of intense SASE XUV fields

L. Aufleger, P. Friebel, P. Rupprecht, A. Magunia, T. Ding, M. Rebholz, M. Hartmann, V. Stooß, C. Ott, and T. Pfeifer
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 53, 234002 (2020)

Mass measurements for the Tz=−2fp-shell nuclei 40Ti, 44Cr, 46Mn, 48Fe, 50Co, and 52Ni

C. Y. Fu, Y. H. Zhang, M. Wang, X. H. Zhou, Y.. A. Litvinov, K. Blaum, H. S. Xu, X. Xu, P. Shuai, Y. H. Lam, R. J. Chen, X. L. Yan, X. C. Chen, J. J. He, S. Kubono, M. Z. Sun, X. L. Tu, Y. M. Xing, Q. Zeng, X. Zhou, W. L. Zhan, S. Litvinov, G. Audi, T. Uesaka, T. Yamaguchi, A. Ozawa, B. H. Sun, Y. Sun, and F. R. Xu
Physical Review C 102, 054311 (2020)

Perspectives on testing fundamental physics with highly charged ions in Penning traps

K. Blaum, S. Eliseev, and S. Sturm
Quantum Science and Technology 6, 014002 (2020)

Sub-barrier pathways to Freeman resonances

M. Klaiber, K. Z. Hatsagortsyan, and C. H. Keitel
Physical Review A 102, 053105 (2020)

Electron capture of Xe54+ in collisions with H2 molecules in the energy range between 5.5 and 30.9 MeV/u

F. M. Kröger, G. Weber, M. O. Herdrich, J. Glorius, C. Langer, Z. Slavkovská, L. Bott, C. Brandau, B. Brückner, K. Blaum, X. Chen, S. Dababneh, T. Davinson, P. Erbacher, S. Fiebiger, T. Gaßner, K. Göbel, M. Groothuis, A. Gumberidze, G.. Gyürky, S. Hagmann, C. Hahn, M. Heil, R. Hess, R. Hensch, P. Hillmann, P. -M. Hillenbrand, O. Hinrichs, B. Jurado, T. Kausch, A. Khodaparast, T. Kisselbach, N. Klapper, C. Kozhuharov, D. Kurtulgil, G. Lane, C. Lederer-Woods, M. Lestinsky, S. Litvinov, Y.. A. Litvinov, B. Löher, F. Nolden, N. Petridis, U. Popp, M. Reed, R. Reifarth, M. S. Sanjari, H. Simon, U. Spillmann, M. Steck, J. Stumm, ... and T.. Stöhlker
Physical Review A 102, 042825 (2020)

One-loop vertex correction in a plane wave

A. Di Piazza and M. A. Lopez-Lopez
Physical Review D 102, 076018 (2020)

Clocking Enhanced Ionization of Hydrogen Molecules with Rotational Wave Packets

Y. Mi, P. Peng, N. Camus, X. Sun, P. Froß, D. Martinez, Z. Dube, P. B. Corkum, D. M. Villeneuve, A. Staudte, R. Moshammer, and T. Pfeifer
Physical Review Letters 125, 173201 (2020)

Coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering: EFT analysis and nuclear responses

M. Hoferichter, J. Menéndez, and A. Schwenk
Physical Review D 102, 074018 (2020)

Laser-assisted decay spectroscopy and mass spectrometry of 178Au

J. G. Cubiss, A. N. Andreyev, A. E. Barzakh, V. Manea, M. A. Monthery, N. A. Althubiti, B. Andel, S. Antalic, D. Atanasov, K. Blaum, T. E. Cocolios, T. Day Goodacre, A. de Roubin, G. J. Farooq-Smith, D. V. Fedorov, V. N. Fedosseev, D. A. Fink, L. P. Gaffney, L. Ghys, R. D. Harding, F. Herfurth, M. Huyse, N. Imai, D. T. Joss, S. Kreim, D. Lunney, K. M. Lynch, B. A. Marsh, Y. Martinez Palenzuela, P. L. Molkanov, D. Neidherr, G. G. O'Neill, R. D. Page, M. Rosenbusch, R. E. Rossel, S. Rothe, L. Schweikhard, M. D. Seliverstov, S. Sels, A. Stott, C. Van Beveren, P. Van Duppen, E. Verstraelen, A. Welker, F. Wienholtz, R. N. Wolf, and K. Zuber
Physical Review C 102, 044332 (2020)

Probing alternative cosmologies through the inverse distance ladder

M. Lindner, K. Max, M. Platscher, and J. Rezacek
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 2020, 040 (2020)

A global model of particle acceleration at pulsar wind termination shocks

B. Cerutti and G. Giacinti
Astronomy and Astrophysics 642, A123 (2020)

Equation of state constraints from nuclear physics, neutron star masses, and future moment of inertia measurements

S. K. Greif, K. Hebeler, J. M. Lattimer, C. J. Pethick, and A. Schwenk
Astrophysical Journal 901, 155 (2020)

Symmetric nuclear matter from the strong interaction

M. Leonhardt, M. Pospiech, B. Schallmo, J. Braun, C. Drischler, K. Hebeler, and A. Schwenk
Physical Review Letters 125, 142502 (2020)

Stochasticity in radiative polarization of ultrarelativistic electrons in an ultrastrong laser pulse

R. Guo, Y. Wang, R. Shaisultanov, F. Wan, Z. Xu, Y. Chen, K. Z. Hatsagortsyan, and J. Li
Physical Review Research 2, 033483 (2020)

Evidence of Cosmic-Ray Excess from Local Giant Molecular Clouds

V. Baghmanyan, G. Peron, S. Casanova, F. Aharonian, and R. Zanin
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 901, L4 (2020)

In-line ultra-thin attosecond delay line with direct absolute-zero delay reference and high stability

S. Dahiya, M. S. Sidhu, A. Tyagi, A. Mandal, B. Nandy, J. M. Rost, T. Pfeifer, and K. P. Singh
Optics Letters 45, 5266-5269 (2020)

X-ray spectra of the Fe-L complex II: atomic data constraints from EBIT experiment and X-ray grating observations of Capella

L. Gu, C. Shah, J. Mao, A. J. J. Raassen, J. de Plaa, C. Pinto, H. Akamatsu, N. Werner, A. Simionescu, F. Mernier, M. Sawada, P. Mohanty, P. Amaro, M. F. Gu, F. S. Porter, J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia, and J. S. Kaastra
Astronomy and Astrophysics 641, A93 (2020)