• vorschau.jpg

    The cryogenic storage ring CSR

    Copper strips distribute the cold to the experimental vacuum chambers of the CSR

  • Hinton.jpg

    Cameras for CTA

    CHEC for small telescopes in front of FlashCam for medium-sized telescopes

  • Keitel.jpg

    Schematic representation of interactions in extremely intense laser pulses:

    pair creation and spin-dependent trajectories

  • Lindner.jpg

    CONUS experiment

    The four germanium detectors of the neutrino experiment CONUS inside their shielding

  • Pfeifer.png

    Fano profile

    The emergence of a spectral line

Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics

Welcome to the Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik (MPIK, Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics) in Heidelberg, one of 86 institutes and research establishments of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (Max Planck Society). The MPIK does experimental and theoretical basic research in the fields of Astroparticle Physics (crossroads of particle physics and astrophysics) and Quantum Dynamics (dynamics of atoms and molecules).



Precision laser spectroscopy of highly charged ions

Novel method for finding narrow transitions

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On the way to a nuclear clock

Physicists have measured the energy released when the lowest known metastable state of the thorium-229 nucleus decays to the ground state. This is a…

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Closing in on the neutrino mass

The GERDA experiment in the Gran Sasso underground laboratory is searching for a hypothetical nuclear decay called neutrinoless double beta decay…

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Research Fields


Astroparticle Physics

Sources of high-energy gamma rays

Dark matter and neutrinos

Matter-antimatter asymmetry


Quantum Dynamics

Properties of stored cold ions

Role of time in quantum systems

Effect of strong lasers on matter