Aktuelle Publikationen

Probing alternative cosmologies through the inverse distance ladder

M. Lindner, K. Max, M. Platscher, and J. Rezacek
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 2020, 040 (2020)

Stochasticity in radiative polarization of ultrarelativistic electrons in an ultrastrong laser pulse

R. Guo, Y. Wang, R. Shaisultanov, F. Wan, Z. Xu, Y. Chen, K. Z. Hatsagortsyan, and J. Li
Physical Review Research 2, 033483 (2020)

In-line ultra-thin attosecond delay line with direct absolute-zero delay reference and high stability

S. Dahiya, M. S. Sidhu, A. Tyagi, A. Mandal, B. Nandy, J. M. Rost, T. Pfeifer, and K. P. Singh
Optics Letters 45, 5266-5269 (2020)

X-ray spectra of the Fe-L complex II: atomic data constraints from EBIT experiment and X-ray grating observations of Capella

L. Gu, C. Shah, J. Mao, A. J. J. Raassen, J. de Plaa, C. Pinto, H. Akamatsu, N. Werner, A. Simionescu, F. Mernier, M. Sawada, P. Mohanty, P. Amaro, M. F. Gu, F. S. Porter, J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia, and J. S. Kaastra
Astronomy and Astrophysics 641, A93 (2020)

Green's-function formalism for resonant interaction of x rays with nuclei in structured media

X. Kong, D. E. Chang, and A. Pálffy
Physical Review A 102, 033710 (2020)

Suppression of Penning discharges between the KATRIN spectrometers

M. Aker, K. Altenmüller, A. Beglarian, J. Behrens, A. Berlev, U. Besserer, K. Blaum, F. Block, S. Bobien, B. Bornschein, L. Bornschein, H. Bouquet, T. Brunst, T. S. Caldwell, S. Chilingaryan, W. Choi, K. Debowski, M. Deffert, M. Descher, D. D. Barrero, P. J. Doe, O. Dragoun, G. Drexlin, S. Dyba, K. Eitel, E. Ellinger, R. Engel, S. Enomoto, D. Eversheim, M. Fedkevych, A. Felden, J. A. Formaggio, F. Fränkle, G. B. Franklin, H. Frankrone, F. Friedel, A. Fulst, K. Gauda, W. Gil, F. Glück, S. Grohmann, R. Grössle, R. Gumbsheimer, M. Hackenjos, V. Hannen, J. Hartmann, N. Haußmann, F. Heizmann, J. Heizmann, K. Helbing, S. Hickford, ... and G. Zeller
The European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields 80, 821 (2020)

Bound-State Electron Dynamics Driven by Near-Resonantly Detuned Intense and Ultrashort Pulsed XUV Fields

A. Magunia, L. Aufleger, T. Ding, P. Rupprecht, M. Rebholz, C. Ott, and T. Pfeifer
Applied Sciences 10, 6153 (2020)

Penning trap mass measurements of the deuteron and the HD+ molecular ion

S. Rau, F. Heiße, F. Köhler-Langes, S. Sasidharan, R. Haas, D. Renisch, C. E. Düllmann, W. Quint, S. Sturm, and K. Blaum
Nature 585, 43-47 (2020)

Noise effects and the impact of detector responses on the characterization of extreme ultraviolet attosecond pulses

S. Hu, M. Hartmann, A. Harth, C. Ott, and T. Pfeifer
Applied Optics 59, 2121-2127 (2020)

High-energy γ-photon polarization in nonlinear Breit-Wheeler pair production and γ polarimetry

F. Wan, Y. Wang, R. Guo, Y. Chen, R. Shaisultanov, Z. Xu, K. Z. Hatsagortsyan, C. H. Keitel, and J. Li
Physical Review Research 2, 032049(R) (2020)

Quantitative Long‐Term Monitoring of the Circulating Gases in the KATRIN Experiment Using Raman Spectroscopy

M. Aker, K. Altenmüller, A. Beglarian, J. Behrens, A. Berlev, U. Besserer, B. Bieringer, K. Blaum, F. Block, B. Bornschein, L. Bornschein, M. Böttcher, T. Brunst, T. C. Caldwell, S. Chilingaryan, W. Choi, D. D. Diaz Barrero, K. Debowsk, M. Deffert, M. Descher, P. J. Doe, O. Dragoun, G. Drexlin, S. Dyba, F. Edzards, K. Eitel, E. Ellinger, R. Engel, S. Enomoto, M. Fedkevych, A. Felden, J. F. Formaggio, F. Fränkle, G. B. Franklin, F. Friedel, A. Fulst, K. Gauda, W. Gil, F. Glück, R. Größle, R. Gumbsheimer, V. Hannen, N. Haußmann, K. Helbing, S. Hickford, R. Hiller, D. Hillesheimer, D. Hinz, T. Höhn, T. Houdy, A. Huber, ... and G. Zeller
Sensors 20, 4827 (2020)

Strong-field-gated buildup of a Rydberg series

V. Stooß, P. Birk, A. Blättermann, M. Hartmann, G. D. Borisova, C. Ott, and T. Pfeifer
Physical Review Research 2, 032041(R) (2020)

EUV spectroscopy of Sn5+ –Sn10+ ions in an electron beam ion trap and laser-produced plasmas

Z. Bouza, J. Scheers, A. Ryabtsev, R. Schupp, L. Behnke, C. Shah, J. Sheil, M. Bayraktar, J. R. Crespo López Urrutia, W. Ubachs, R. Hoekstra, and O. O. Versolato
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 53, 195001 (2020)

Laser-assisted decay spectroscopy for the ground states of 180,182Au

R. D. Harding, A. N. Andreyev, A. E. Barzakh, D. Atanasov, J. G. Cubiss, P. V. Van Duppen, M. A. Monthery, N. A. Althubiti, B. Andel, S. Antalic, K. Blaum, T. E. Cocolios, T. Day Goodacre, A. de Roubin, G. J. Farooq-Smith, D. V. Fedorov, V. N. Fedosseev, D. Fink, L. P. Gaffney, L. Ghys, D. T. Joss, F. Herfurth, M. Huyse, N. Imai, S. Kreim, D. Lunney, K. M. Lynch, V. Manea, B. A. Marsh, Y. Martinez Palenzuela, P. L. Molkanov, D. Neidherr, R. D. Page, A. Pastore, M. Rosenbusch, R. E. Rossel, S. Rothe, L. Schweikhard, M. D. Seliverstov, S. Sels, C. V Van Beveren, E. Verstraelen, A. Welker, F. Wienholtz, R. N. Wolf, and K. Zuber
Physical Review C 102, 024312 (2020)

Dispersion relations applied to double-folding potentials from chiral effective field theory

V. Durant, P. Capel, and A. Schwenk
Physical Review C 102, 014622 (2020)

Masses of short-lived 49Sc, 50Sc, 70As, 73Br and stable 196Hg nuclides

I. Kulikov, A. Algora, D. Atanasov, P. Ascher, K. Blaum, R.B. Cakirli, A.Herlert, W. J. Huang, J. Karthein, Y.. A. Litvinov, D. Lunney, V. Manea, M.Mougeot, L. Schweikhard, A. Welker, and F. Wienholtz
Nuclear Physics A 1002, 121990 (2020)

Spontaneous decay processes in a classical strong low-frequency laser field

M. Macovei, J. Evers, and C. H. Keitel
Physical Review A 102, 013718 (2020)

Nuclear Excitation of the 229Th Isomer via Defect States in Doped Crystals

B. S. Nickerson, M. Pimon, P. V. Bilous, J. Gugler, K. Beeks, T. Sikorsky, P. Mohn, T. Schumm, and A. Pálffy
Physical Review Letters 125, 032501 (2020)

Atomic physics studies at the Gamma Factory at CERN

D. Budker, J. R. Crespo Lopez-Urrutia, A. Derevianko, V. V. Flambaum, M. W. Krasny, A. Petrenko, S. Pustelny, A. Surzhykov, V. A. Yerokhin, and M. Zolotorev
Annalen der Physik 2020, 00204 (2020)

The theory of direct laser excitation of nuclear transitions

L. von der Wense, P. V. Bilous, B. Seiferle, S. Stellmer, J. Weitenberg, P. G. Thirolf, A. Pálffy, and G. Kazakov
The European Physical Journal A: Hadrons and Nuclei 56, 176 (2020)