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Structure and dynamics of few electron ions in an EBIT

Priv.-Doz. Dr. José Ramon Crespo López-Urrutia

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Lab Projects (Projektpraktika)

  1. Spectroscopy of Solar Corona Magnesium Ions in an Electron Beam Ion Trap
    The vacuum ultraviolet emission spectra of highly charged magnesium ions from q=4+ to q=19+ will be recorded using an existing spectrometer at the Heidelberg Electron Beam Ion Trap.
  2. Dielectronic Resonances of Iron Ions in the Temperature Range 200000 K-500000 K
    Highly charged Fe ions recombining with electrons will be investigated and their dielectronic resonances recorded using a technique combining mass selective ion extraction and photon spectroscopy.
  3. Lifetime Determination of Long-Lived Metastable Ions in the Vacuum Ultraviolet Region
    A fast detector for vacuum ultraviolet radiation will be used to study the time evolution of metastable states.
  4. Simulation of the Time-dependent Dynamics of Trapped Highly Charged Ions
    Kinetic simulations of trapped highly charged ions moving inside a negative charge distribution within a strong magnetic field will be used to model the time-dependent spatial distribution of trapped ions in different charge states in dependence of their ┤kinetic temperature.
  5. Lamb-shift Determination of the Lithium-like 2p3/2-2s1/2 X-ray transitions in Highly Charged Ions
    A high precision crystal spectrometer will be utilized to accurately measure the Lamb shift in highly charged lithium-like ions such as Bi80+.
  6. Measurements of Charge-Exchange Processes in Solar Wind Ions Interacting with Neutrals
    With an existing apparatus, photons emitted after interactions of highly charged ions with neutrals will be recorded and analyzed.
  7. Implementation of a Laser Ion Source with Quadrupole Deflector
    Low-charged ions from a laser-ablation ions source will be guided by means of a quadrupole deflector to a target and time-of-flight measurements carried out.
  8. Development of Analysis Software for Data Reduction of Energy-Resolved Two-Dimensional Spectral Maps
    Two-dimensional photon data histograms are normally analyzed by interactive selection of regions of interest. Task: Automatizing this process by software pattern analysis.
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