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Structure and dynamics of few electron ions in an EBIT

Priv.-Doz. Dr. José Ramon Crespo López-Urrutia

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Bachelor theses

  1. Search for the Titanium-Like Forbidden Line in the Bi59+ Ion
    An elusive forbidden line from the high-charge state ion Bi59+ will be investigated at high resolution in the near ultraviolet range to register its hyperfine components.
  2. Photorecombination in Plasmas at the Temperature Range 1108 K-5108 K
    Search and analysis of weak multielectronic resonant excitations in the energy-differential photorecombination cross sections of very highly charged ions to investigate QED and relativistic effects on their electronic structure.
  3. Test of a High Current Electron Gun for Ion Traps
    A newly developed high current electron gun will be installed and tested under realistic conditions to determine its performance.
  4. Laser spectroscopy of astrophysical lines
    Forbidden transitions of highly charged ions (HCI), the so-called coronal lines, are ubiquituous in astrophysical plasmas. HCI are produced using an electron beam ion trap and excited with a tunable laser. The ion temperature is reduced by evaporative cooling, resulting in narrow peaks used to determine the transition energy with very high precision. These type of data is needed for red-shift determinations of astrophysical sources.
  5. Vacuum ultraviolet investigations of highly charged ions
    Highly charged ions (HCI) of heavy elements play an important role for the radiative energy losses in high temeprature plasmas such as those used in tokamaks to achieve nuclear fusion. The ionization-stage selected spectra of such HCI in the vacuum ultraviolet region are to be studied by means of a high resolution spectrometer. The data are analyzed for their application to temperature and density detemiantions in hot plasmas.
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