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Atoms and molecules in ultra-short laser pulses

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Robert Moshammer and Dr. Claus Dieter Schröter

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Attosecond physics

Ready to start: the reaction microscope is now coupled to the HHG-beamline

Initiated by the work of A. Zewail (Nobelprize in 1999), today´s femtosecond laser systems are able to unveil nuclear dynamics in small molecules in stunning detail. His idea of using ultra-short laser pulses as a strobe for molecular systems both spurred a tremendously rapid development on the field of femtosecond laser technology over the last three decades and laid the foundations of femtochemistry.

At MPIK, the combination of femtosecond pump-probe techniques with advanced detection techniques led to the direct observation of the vibration in H2 and D2+ on a timescale of 11 femtoseconds (1fs = 10-15s). However, the electronic motion in atoms or molecules, which typically occurs within tens to hundreds of attoseconds (1as = 10-18s), remained unexplored, as the wavelength of Ti:Sa-based systems limits their pulse-length to about 4 fs.

This fundamental limitation in time resolution fell with the investigation of high harmonic radiation (HHG), which turned out to provide an efficient route to the production of coherent light pulses, at least one order of magnitude shorter than conventional TiSa-systems in the optical regime could ever provide.

Over the last five years, several experiments successfully demonstrated that attosecond pulses created via HHG are able to trace electronic response times via the so-called "attosecond streak mechanism".

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