Klaus Blaum new Vice President of the MPG

From 1 July 2020 the Max Planck Society has three new Vice Presidents elected by its Senate: Asifa Akhtar, Ulman Lindenberger and Klaus Blaum are now part of the Executive Board, which advises President Martin Stratmann and prepares important decisions for the Society. They succeed Bill S. Hansson, Angela D. Friederici and Ferdi Schüth, who had performed outstanding services at Martin Stratmann's side for six years.

Klaus Blaum, having been the Director of the “Stored and cooled ions” Department at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg since 2007, is the Vice President responsible for the Institutes of the Chemistry, Physics, and Technology Section. He takes over the office from Ferdi Schüth, who has rendered outstanding services to the Cyber Valley at the Stuttgart and Tübingen sites, the newly founded Max Planck Institute for Cyber Security and Privacy in Bochum, and the Max Planck Schools. Blaum also wants to get involved in technology transfer and Cyber Valley. One topic that particularly connects the physicist with his new colleague Lindenberger is that of sustainability: "I believe that in this area you can make a difference everywhere, and I am firmly convinced that once people realise this, they will want to become involved in sustainability efforts mmediately". In addition, Blaum, who has been maintaining close scientific cooperation in the Asian region for many years, wants to contribute to the exchange between the Max Planck Society and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Within the Max Planck Society, Blaum sees himself as a bridge builder: "For me, it's important to emphasize that I see myself as the link between the Section, the Directors, and the President, and the Administrative Headquarters."

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