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The Max Planck Society promotes open access in a variety of ways. Firstly, scientists are supported in adopting an open access strategy when they wish to publish the results of their work.The aim of the MPS is to make Open Access publishing as easy as possible for Max Planck authors. This information provides an overview of the Max Planck wide arrangements by which open access article charges (APCs) are covered or reduced. You can also search for a specific journal to find out whether APCs are covered here:

Please note that there are many more relevant Open Access journals, including those not raising any article charges. A complete overview is available in the:

In order to benefit from central funding, the corresponding author of the publication must be affiliated with Max Planck and this affiliation must be stated in the published paper. Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary to state your Max Planck email address at any stage of the publishing process as well as in the manuscript itself.

For further information, please see the relevant MPDL pages.