In der Regel mittwochs um 11:15 im Zentralen Seminarraum (Bibliotheksgebäude)

Organisation: Alexander Dorn

Archiv vergangener Seminare

Wintersemester 2022/23

  • 02.11.2022, 16:00 Uhr, Dr. Xing Fang, Department of Physics, Harvard University + Center for Fundamental Physics, Northwestern University: An Improved Measurement of the Electron Magnetic Moment
  • 09.11.2022, 11:15 Uhr, Prof. Evangelos Miliordos, Auburn University: Electronic structure of neutral and charged transition metal mono-oxides: From astrophysics to catalysis
  • 07.12.2022, 11:15 Uhr, Dr. Margarita Khokhlova, MBI for Nonlinear Optics and Short Pulse Spectroscopy, Berlin: Tools and subjects of ultrafast physics: From highly efficient XUV generation through high-order frequency mixing to chiral steering of free-induction decay
  • 18.01.2023, 11:15 Uhr, Dr. Markus Ilchen, Kassel University and EuXFEL: Approaching Ultrafast Dynamics in Chiral Systems at the Attosecond Frontier
  • 01.02.2023, 11:15 Uhr, Dr. Anna Skitnevskaya, Irkutsk State University: Nonlocal electronic decay processes: the role of donor-acceptor interactions