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GERDA (germanium detector array) and  LEGEND (large enriched germanium experiment for neutrinoless ββ decay) operate germanium detectors in a 64 m3 liquid argon bath. The setup is located at the underground Gran Sasso laboratory in Italy. In the detectors, the isotope fraction 76Ge is enriched because this is one of the few isotopes for which neutrinoless double beta decay may be observable. The LEGEND collaboration has recently taken over the hardware of GERDA and is upgrading the experiment to house a factor of five more germanium detector mass. The goal is to further reduce the level of background events and to reach a sensitivity for the half lifetime of the decay of 1027 years.

MPIK founded GERDA and the division Hinton is a major contributor to LEGEND, with main responsibilities in germanium detector production, mechanics, and data acquisition.