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Theoretical Quantum Dynamics and Quantum Electrodynamics



PhD student Multi-particle quantum dynamics in moderately intense laser fields
The existence of controllable light sources at any frequency ranges and in various materials is of particular importance. Therefore, this topic has recently been receiving great attention both theoretically and experimentally.

We are seeking a highly motivated candidate to investigate the problem of coherent-light generation, and its control, by an ensemble of atomic systems with permanent dipole moments such as some biologically relevant molecules in the presence of a moderately strong coherent wave. In particular, we shall focus here on amplifications as well as directional emission of desired light via various quantum interference phenomena.

The candidate is expected to carry out analytical calculations in the framework of Quantum Optics in moderately strong fields. A background in quantum optics/physics is required and some experience with multi-particle systems is desired.

The research project will be carried out at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics (MPIK), Saupfercheckweg 1, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany, as well as at the Institute of Applied Physics, Academiei str. 5, Chisinau, Moldova. Please send your application by email to Mihai Macovei. Equal opportunity is a cornerstone policy of the Max Planck Society (MPG), and women as well as disabled people are particularly encouraged to apply. This position is open and applicants are invited as of now.

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