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Theoretical Quantum Dynamics and Quantum Electrodynamics



Seminar Theoretical Quantum Dynamics
Seminarraum, Bothe Laboratory, Tuesdays, 11.15 a.m.

SS 2018
17 April 2018Dr. Yuanbin Wu, MPIKNuclear excitation by electron capture in laser-generated and astrophysical plasmas
24 April 2018  
01 May 2018  
08 May 2018Chunhai Lyu, MPIKTheoretical studies on narrow-band hard-X-ray lasing
15 May 2018Dr. Yue-Yue Chen, MPIKGamma-ray beams with a large orbital angular momentum via nonlinear Compton scattering in radiation dominated regime
22 May 2018  
29 May 2018  
05 June 2018Shikha Bhadoria, MPIKLaser-driven shock acceleration of ions in collisional and ultra-relativistic regime
12 June 2018  
19 June 2018Halil Cakir, MPIKMany-electron QED effects in highly charged ions
26 June 2018Brenden Nickerson, MPIKThe 229Th nuclear transition in VUV-transparent crystals
03 July 2018  
10 July 2018Dr. Qingzheng Lyu, MPIKManipulation of the vacuum to control its field-induced decay
17 July 2018  
24 July 2018  

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