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Catalogue of Books available in the MPIK Library

The MPIK library holds more than 25,000 monographs and book series. Most of the books can be taken out on loan by members of the MPIK or registered guests. Do not take any books or other library material out of the library without following the borrowing procedures.

1. Mathematics  (black labels)

1A. algebra, topology, group theory, theory of numbers, matrices
1B. tensor analysis, differential geometry, analytical geometry
1C. differential- and integral equations, operational calculus, functional analysis
1D. analysis, functional theory, theory of sets
1E. numerical methods
1F. mathematical methods in the physical sciences, integral transforms and special functions in mathematical physics
1G. statistics, theory of probability, stochastic theory, time series
1H. textbooks on higher mathematics
1I. handbooks, tables, exercises, history of mathematics

2. Theoretical Physics and Experimental Physics (yellow labels)

2A. classical point and continua mechanics
2B. electrodynamics, theory of relativity, gravitation
2C. thermodynamics, quantum statistics, statistical mechanics
2D. many-body problem, superconductivity2E. angular momentum, group theoretical methods
2F. field theory, quantum electrodynamics, quantum chromodynamics, supergravity, supersymmetry, gauge theories
2G. quantum mechanics
2H. texbooks and lectures on theoretical physics
2I. atomic theory, spectroscopy, quantum dots
2K. scattering theory, electron-atom collisions, ion- atom collisions
2L. textbooks and lectures on experimental physics
2M. handbooks, tables, exercises
2N. lectures
2P. chaos, nonlinear systems
2Q. mesoscopic physics

3. Technology (white labels)

3A. vacuum, precision mechanics
3B. materials science, target preparation
3C. cryogenic technology
3D. procedures in experimental physics
3E. radiation protection, radiation detection
3F. handbooks, tables

4. Nuclear Physics (blue labels)

4A. theortical nuclear physics
4B. nuclear reactions, nuclear structure, properties of nuclei, nuclear decay, nuclear spin
4C. neutron physics, nuclear fission, nuclear reactors
4D. particle accelerator physics, ion sources, mass spectroscopy
4E. experimental nuclear physics, gamma-ray spectrometry, particle induced X-ray emission spectrometry (PIXE)
4F. handbooks, tables, exercises
4G. PH. D. thesis from other institutions

5. Elementary Particle Physics (grey labels)

5A. experimental methods in elementary particle physics, cosmic rays, introductions
5B. strong and weak interaction theory
5C. handbooks, tables

6. Solid State Physics, Optics, Plasma Physics (brown labels)

6A. optics, electron microscopy, secondary emission
6B. solid-state physics, Mössbauer effect, nuclear resonance, ion implantation, surface physics, semiconductors
6C. plasma physics, ionization processes in gases, discharges in gases
6D. atomic and molecular beam methods
6E. masers and lasers, quantum optics
6F. handbooks, tables, exercises
6G. lectures

7. Astronomy, Astrophysics, Atmospheric Physics, Geophysics (green labels)

7A. space research, satellites, cosmology
7B. solar system astrophysics, meteorites, comets, planetary systems, cosmic dust, interplantetary dust
7C. geophysics, meteorology, climatology, atmosphere research, environmental physics
7D. astronomy, astrophysics
7E. cosmic rays see also: group 5A
7F. handbooks, tables, exercises
7G. lectures
7H. planetology
7I. aerosols, plasmas, gases

8. Chemistry, Geology, Mineralogy (orange labels)

8A. geochemistry, age determination, cosmic chemistry, geochronology
8B. analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry
8C. physical chemistry, chemical physics, fullerenes, environmental chemistry
8D. radiochemistry, isotope chemistry
8E. mineralogy, structure analysis, geology, x-ray crystallography
8F. handbooks, tables, exercises
8G. organic chemistry
8H. archaeometry

9. Electronics, Electronic Data Processing (violet labels)

9A. fundamentals of electronics , transistors, transformers, diodes, integrated circuits
9B. electronic techniques in nuclear physics, VLSI-design, digital design
9C. hardware
9D. semiconductor network analysis and design, electromechanical control systems and devices
9E. magnets, magnetic amplifier engineering, magnetic-amplifier circuits
9F. electrical engineering, communication techniques, high-frequency technology
9G. microwave theory and measurements
9H. handbooks, tables, exercises
9I. information and communication theory, system design, computer networks, protocols
9K. handbooks of programming languages
9L. handbooks of user software
9M. handbooks operating systems

10. Miscellaneous (red labels)

10A. history of science, biographies, festschriften, collected works
10B. yearbooks, annual reports
10C. philosophy epistemology
10D. popular-science
10E. archaeology
10F. different other subjects

11. Encyclopaediae, Dictionaries, Reference (black and white labels)

12. Conference Proceedings (green and yellow labels)

ordered by conference year and within the year by the conference location

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