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Publikationen in wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften (peer reviewed) während der Postdoc Zeit

Attosecond science:

  1. C. Krüger, J. Fuchs, L. Cattaneo, U. Keller. Attosecond resolution from free running interferometric measurements. Optics Express, 28(9), 12862-​12871, (2020). DOI:10.1364/OE.391791
  2. L. Pedrelli, P. D. Keathley, L. Cattaneo, F. X. Kärtner, U. Keller. Complete phase retrieval of photoelectron wavepackets. New journal of Physics, (2020). DOI:10.1088/1367-2630/ab83d7
  3. J. Fuchs, N. Douguet, S. Donsa, F. Martin, J. Burgdörfer, L. Argenti, L. Cattaneo and U. Keller. Time delays from one-photon transitions in the continuum. Optica, 7(2), 154-161 (2020). DOI:10.1364/OPTICA.378639
  4. J. Vos, L. Cattaneo, S. Patchkovskii, T. Zimmermann, C. Cirelli, M. Lucchini, A. Kheifets, A. S. Landsman, and U. Keller. Orientation-dependent stereo Wigner time delay and electron localization in a small molecule. Science, 360, 1326-1330 (2018). DOI: 10.1126/science.aao4731
  5. L. Cattaneo, J. Vos, R. Y. Bello, A. Palacios, S. Heuser, L. Pedrelli, M. Lucchini, C. Cirelli, F. Martín and U. Keller, Attosecond coupled electron and nuclear dynamics in dissociative ionization of H2. Nature Physics, 14, 733–738 (2018). DOI: 10.1038/s41567-018-0103-2
  6. L. Cattaneo, J. Vos, M. Lucchini, L. Gallmann, C. Cirelli, and U. Keller, Comparison of attosecond streaking and RABBITT. Opt. Express 24(25), 29060-29076 (2016). DOI:10.1364/OE.24.029060

Liquid Crystals:

  1. L. Cattaneo, Ž. Kos, M. Savoini, P. Kouwer, A. Rowan, M. Ravnik, I. Muševič, and Th. Rasing. Electric field generation of Skyrmion-like structures in a nematic liquid crystal. Soft Matter 12, 853-858 (2016). DOI:10.1039/C5SM01726B
  2. I. Muševič, M. Vitek, L. Cattaneo, M. Savoini, A. Kimel, and Th. Rasing. Fast and ultrafast all-optical control of light in nematic and smectic-A liquid crystals. SPIE OPTO International Society for Optics and Photonics, 976902-976902 (2016). DOI:10.1117/12.2209660
  3. A. A. Fernandez, R. Hammink, S. Kragt, L. Cattaneo, M. Savoini, J. van der Velden, Th. Rasing, A. E. Rowan, P. J. Collings, and P. H. J. Kouwer. Order at extreme dilution, Adv. Funct. Mater. 26(48), 9009-9016 (2016). DOI:10.1002/adfm.201602913
  4. S. Semin, A. van Etteger, L. Cattaneo, N. Amdursky, L. Kulyuk, S. Lavrov, A. Sigov, E. Mishina, G. Rosenman and Th. Rasing. Strong Thermo-Induced Single And Two-Photon Green Luminescence In Self-Organized Peptide Microtubes, Small, 11 (9-10), 1156-1160, (2015).  DOI:10.1002/smll.201401602
  5. L. Cattaneo, M. Savoini, I. Muševič, A. Kimel, and Th. Rasing. Ultrafast all-optical response of a nematic liquid crystal. Opt. Express 23 (11), 14010-14017 (2015). DOI:10.1364/OE.23.014010
  6. L. Cattaneo, J. Zhang, M. Zuiddam, M. Savoini and T. Rasing. Gaining control through frustration: two fold approach for Liquid Crystal 3D command layers. Nano Letters 14 (7), 3903-3907 (2014). DOI: 10.1021/nl501155h
  7. L. Cattaneo, P. Kouwer, A. Rowan, and T. Rasing. Sub-millisecond nematic Liquid Crystal switches using patterned command layer, J. Appl. Phys. 113,014503 (2013). DOI:10.1063/1.4773108

Konferenzberichte (peer reviewed)

  • L. Cattaneo, J. Vos, M. Lucchini, C. Cirelli, and U. Keller, "Asymmetric Wigner time delay in CO photoionization", in International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena, OSA Technical Digest (online) (Optical Society of America, 2016), paper UM2B.3. DOI:10.1364/UP.2016.UM2B.3


  • “Advanced Spectroscopy of Molecules and Materials”, Workshop, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Niederlande, 26. Oktober, 2017.
  • “Nuclear-Electronic Coupled Photoionization Dynamics of H2”, Seminar, MPI Berlin, Deutschland, 9. Februar, 2018.
  • “Nuclear-Electronic Coupled Photoionization Dynamics of H2”, Extreme Atomic Physics (EAS) Konferenz, Riezlern, Österreich, 18.-23. Februar, 2018.
  • “Investigation of photoionization time delays in atomic and molecular targets ”, Seminar, Bern University, Bern, Schweiz, 22. März, 2018.
  • Seminar bei der International Research Training Group (IRTG), University of Freiburg, Deutschland, 8. Mai, 2018.
  • Schweizerisch-russisches Seminar zu ultrafast control and spectroscopy, 28.-29. November 2018, Moskau.
  • “Molecular Attosecond Physics”, ECAMP13 Konferenz, Florenz, Italien, 8.-12. April, 2019.
  • Symposium zu Correlation, Polarization and Ionization in Atomic and Molecular Collisions (COPIAMC), Zwischenbericht Metz, Frankreich, 1.-3. August 2019.bb
  • Plenarvortrag bei dem 1. jährlichen Workshop der COST Action 18222 zu Attosecond Chemistry, Cluj-Napoca, Romänien, 18.-20. March 2020.
  • Sprecher bei der MUST 2020 (International Conference on Molecular Ultrafast Science and Technology), Grindelwald, Schweiz, 6.-10. September, 2020.