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Master- und Diplom-Arbeiten

50 Development of the novel transportable online mass-spectrometer PILOT-Trap with dynamic buffer-gas cooling for stored ions

D. Lange
Master (2022)

49 PentaSim : a numerical simulation of a Penning Trap

F. S. Herzog
Master (2022)

48 Characterization of an ultra-stable voltage supply and implementation of sympathetic laser cooling for the 3He2+ g-factor measurement

A. V. Kaiser
Master (2022)

47 Improved 3D-imaging detection at the Cryogenic Storage Ring

J. Jäger
Master (2021)

46 Electron Recombination Studies on Titanium Oxide Ions in the Cryogenic Storage Ring at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg

N. Jain
Master (2020)

45 Design, installation and characterisation of a microwave transmission line for driving the transitions of the 3He+ hyperfine structure in a Penning trap

S. Dickopf
Master (2020)

44 Investigation of a Novel Method for Sympathetic Laser Cooling of Highly Charged Ions in a Penning Trap

F. Hahne
Master (2020)

43 Design of theAnalysis Trap and He Ion Source for the 3He2+ magnetic moment measurement

A. Schneider
Master (2019)

42 Environmentally-induced systematic effects at the high-precision mass spectrometer PENTATRAP

K. Kromer
Master (2019)

41 In-trap Laser Desorption in an EBIT for the Production of Highly Charged Ions of Rare Isotopes at Pentatrap

C. M. König
Master (2019)

40 An experimental setup for testing ion beam sources for the CSR facility

F. Nüsslein
Master (2018)

39 Microwave injection for the ALPHATRAP experiment and developments of the multi-reflection time-of-flight technique of the ISOLTRAP experiment

T. Steinsberger
Master (2018)

38 A Laser Ion Source for the Alphatrap Experiment

T. Sailer
Master (2017)

37 Precision mass measurements using the Phase-Imaging Ion-Cyclotron-Resonance detection technique

J. Karthein
Master (2017)

36 Operating a low-energy Electron Cooler at the Cryogenic Storage Ring CSR

M. M. Rimmler
Master (2017)

35 Towards Laser Cooling of Beryllium Ions at the Alphatrap Experiment

S. Kraemer
Master (2017)

34 Construction and commissioning of a room-temperature electron beam ion trap and development of a wire probe injection system

C. Schweiger
Master (2017)

33 Metastable States of Si- Observed in a Cryogenic Storage Ring

E. A. Guerin
Master (2016)

32 Commissioning of the online transfer beamline for the ALPHATRAP experiment

A. Egl
Master (2016)

31 Beam diagnostics and collector for the electron cooler of the cryogenic storage ring CSR

S. Lohmann
Master (2015)

30 A new Detection System for the high-precision Penning-trap mass spectrometer PENTATRAP

R. Schüssler
Master (2015)

29 Aufbau des Stabilisierungssystems des Heliumdrucks und Heliumlevels und Konstruktion eines kryogenen Faraday-Bechers für PENTATRAP

A. Rischka
Master (2014)

28 Entwicklung des kryogenen Nachweissystems für ALPHATRAP und THe-Trap

A. Weigel
Master (2014)

27 Development of a cryogenic vacuum valve and an electromechanical switch for ALPHATRAP

M. Turkalj Orešković
Master (2014)

26 Simulations of the electrostatic and magnetic field properties and tests of the Penning-ion source at THe-Trap

M. Schuh
Master (2014)

25 Realisierung des axialen Feedbacks bei PENTATRAP

C. D. Hökel-Schmöger
Diploma (2013)

24 Accuracy determination of the KATRIN FT-ICR mass spectrometers using 6Li and 7Li

H. Golzke, G. Drexlin, and K. Blaum
Diploma (2012)

23 Untersuchung und Optimierung des externen Ladens von Ionen bei THe-Trap

M. Tremer, K. Blaum, and W. Quint
Diploma (2011)

22 Optimierung der laserinduzierten Reaktionsspektroskopie von H+3-Ionen in einer kryogenen Ionenfalle

F. Grussie and A. Wolf
Diploma (2011)

21 Die Ionenoptik der Injektionsstrahlführungslinien des kryogenen Speicherrings CSR

F. A. Berg and K. Blaum
Diploma (2011)

20 Setup, test and optimization of detection electronics for high-precision mass measurements at PENTATRAP

A. Dörr
Diploma (2011)

19 Dissociative recombination of deuterated formyl cations

C. Nordhorn and A. Wolf
Diploma (2010)

18 Untersuchungen zum Ionentransfer im UW/MPIK Doppel-Penningfallen Experiment

M. Höcker
Diploma (2010)

17 The ISOLTRAP Laser-Ablation Ion Source and Q-Value Determination of the 110Pd Double Beta Decay

D. Fink and K. Blaum
Diploma (2010)

16 Aufbau eines breitbandigen FT-ICR-Nachweissystems für TRIGA-TRAP

K. Knuth
Diploma (2009)

15 Characterization of a carbon aerosol generator in a helium gas-jet for the extraction of fission products from the research reactor TRIGA Mainz

M. Eibach
Diploma (2009)

14 Setup of a carbon-cluster laser ion source and the application of the invariance theorem at ISOLTRAP

C. Böhm
Diploma (2009)

13 Aufbau und Test einer phasensensititiven Laserfrequenz-Langzeitstabilisierung an COLLAPS

M. Schug
Diploma (2009)

12 Berechnungen der Ionenoptik und Aufbau einer temperaturstabilisierten Spannungsquelle für das PENTATRAP-Experiment

A. Rosa
Diploma (2009)

11 Erzeugung kurzer Ionenpulse in einem Speicherring

R. Bastert
Diploma (2009)

10 A Cryogenic Trap for Fast Ion Beams

S. Menk
Diploma (2009)

9 Ion counting and imaging methods for experiments with stored and trapped molecular ions

T. Sorg
Diploma (2008)

8 Infrared and visible laser spectroscopy in a cryogenic multipole ion trap

M. Berg
Diploma (2007)

7 Ionenfallen- und Speicherringtechnik zur Untersuchung kalter Wasserstoffmolekülionen

M. Motsch
Diploma (2005)

6 Particle detection at REX-ISOLDE and the d(30Mg, 31Mg)p reaction

V. Bildstein
Diploma (2005)

5 Fast-beam molecular fragmentation imaging using a high-speed gated camera system.

S. Novotny
Diploma (2004)

4 Atmosphärische Aerosolbildung: Messungen des Aerosolvorläufergases Schwefelsäure und neu gebildeter Aerosolteilchen

J. Hoffmann
Diploma (2004)

3 Production of rotationally cold H3+ ions with a hollow cathode ion source.

S. Altevogt
Diploma (2003)

2 Aufbau eines Experimentes zur Messung der Emissionswahrscheinlichkeit von Bremsstrahlung im α[alpha]-Zerfall von 210Po

H. Boie
Diploma (2002)

1 Frequenzmessung im 127I2-Spektrum bei 585 nm

S. B. Reinhardt
Diploma (2002)