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Extention of the theory of hyperfine structure of highly charged ions

Project one: Hyperfine structure of muonic atoms and ions

Muonic ions are ions, where one (or, rarely, more) electron is replaced by the muon. In such a system, all the theoretical methods, developed for the highly-charged ions, can be used. That makes muonic ions a comparably easy system to calculate. However, as muonic ions are still quite exotic, they are not so well studied, which gives a lots of possibilities to theoretical research.
Muonic ions provide an opportunity to learn more about nuclear properties [NIMB V. 235, P. 65 (2005)]. The larger mass of the muon in comparison to that of the electron (about 200 times bigger) makes such a system very sensitive to the change of the nuclear parameters, and a possible candidate to test or determine these.

In addition to already considered H-like ions, one can pay attention to the Li-like and B-like ions. Mixed ions with both muon and electrons can be also studied. As a case of a special interest, muonic hydrogen can be considered, which can contribute to the explanation of the proton size puzzle.

The study will include both analytical and numerical calculations.

Project two: Hyperfine structure of highly charged ions in external magnetic field

A wide use of HCI in the experiments requires a better knowledge of their behavior. An external magnetic field can be a part of the experimental setup. For example, g-factors of HCI allow one to identify lines in spectrum analysis. Therefore, a general theory of the level structure shifts and splitting in an external magnetic field of different magnitudes can be a subject of consideration. Ground and excited states of HCI with few electrons (for example, H-like, Li-like, B-like ions) can be studied. Furthermore, one may also consider a combined hyperfine and Zeeman splitting effect in ions with nonvanishing nuclear spin.

The study will include both analytical and numerical calculations.

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