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7 Quantum electrodynamic and nuclear effects in the spectra of highly charged ions

N. S. Oreshkina
Habilitation (2019)

6 Spin effects in relativistic electron dynamics in strong electromagnetic fields

H. Bauke
Habilitation (2016)

5 Ionic Quantum Dynamics and High-Precision Theory

Z. Harman
Habilitation (2014)

4 Nuclear and atomic quantum dynamics

A. Pálffy
Habilitation (2014)

3 Strong-field CED and QED in intense laser fields

A. Di Piazza
Habilitation (2010)

2 Laser-induced high-energy processes in atomic, nuclear, and particle physics

C. Müller
Habilitation (2009)

1 Coherence and interference in quantum optics

J. Evers
Habilitation (2008)