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Theoretical Physics on high-energy atomic processes in extremely strong laser fields

The Theory Division at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics (MPIK) is seeking applications for a postdoctoral researcher position in the group of Prof. Christoph H. Keitel, within the team led by Dr. K. Z. Hatsagortsyan and devoted to the theoretical investigation of relativistic regimes in super-strong laser field interaction with atomic systems as well as to the strong field physics in the extreme ultraviolet frequency and ultrashort time domain.

We offer a stimulating research environment, including close contacts within the European Extreme-Light-Infrastructure (ELI) aimed at building the internationally most intense laser facility to investigate laser-matter interaction in the unexplored ultra-relativistic regime.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and highly motivated candidate who should have an excellent publication record in the relevant research areas of strong field physics.

Please send your application including CV, list of publications, statement of research interest as well as the contact details of three potential referees by email to Dr. K. Z. Hatsagortsyan.