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Stored and Cooled Ions Division
Max Planck SocietyMax Planck Institute for Nuclear PhysicsUniversity of Heidelberg Stored and Cooled Ions Division
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Tel.: +49 6221 516-851
Fax: +49 6221 516-852
Postal Address
Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics
P.O. Box 10 39 80
69029 Heidelberg
Visitor Address
Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics
Saupfercheckweg 1
Building: Gentner lab, room 134
69117 Heidelberg


Mandatory master seminar, SS11

Modern Experiments in Special and General Relativity

KIP, INF 227 / SR 2.404, Neuenheimer Feld
weekly, Fri. 15.15 - 17.00

Seminar program

Date: 15.04.2011
Speaker: Wolfgang Quint
Topic: Pre-Meeting


Date: 29.04.2011
no talk!


Date: 06.05.2011
Speaker: Ingo Noßke
Topic: Attosecond Pulse Production by Relativistic and Non-Relativistic Electrons
Supervisor: Thomas Pfeifer


Date: 13.05.2011
Speaker: Marten Priess
Topic: Weizsaecker-Williams approach for the description of relativistic collisions
Supervisor: Robert Moshammer


Date: 20.05.2011
Speaker: Thomas Ding
Topic: Extreme-UV and X-ray free-electron lasers: working principle and applications
Supervisor: Robert Moshammer


Date: 27.05.2011
Speaker: Johannes Kleiner
Topic: Gravitational red shift and clocks in accelerated reference systems
Supervisor: Wolfgang Quint


Date: 03.06.2011
Speaker: Tim Tugendhat
Topic: Gravitational waves (binary star PSR 1913+16, laser interferometers)
Supervisor: Wolfgang Quint


Date: 10.06.2011
Speaker: Vincent Klinkhamer
Topic: Experiments on time dilation (Ives-Stilwell)
Supervisor: Wolfgang Quint


Date: 17.06.2011
Speaker: Julia Link
Topic: Relativistic effects in atomic systems: magnetic moment of the electron
Supervisor: Klaus Blaum


Date: 24.06.2011
Speaker: Henning Labuhn
Topic: Relativity and antimatter: antihydrogen - production and properties
Supervisor: Klaus Blaum


Date: 01.07.2011
Speaker: Christoph Kommer
Topic: Gravitational deflection of light and radar echo delay
Supervisor: Wolfgang Quint