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Stored and Cooled Ions Division
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Master and bachelor theses

Master thesis:
Efficiency optimization of the TRIGA-TRAP laser ablation ion source for transuranium elements

Experimental setup of TRIGA-SPEC at the Research Reactor of University Mainz

Mass measurements of longed-lived nuclides of transuranium elements are scheduled at TRIGA-TRAP in the near future. An important part of these experiments is the ionization of the elements of samples down to only a few nanogram. For this purpose, the existing laser ablation ion source, which was already used for mass measurements of stable nuclides, has been extended. A linear Paul trap has been added for ion acculmulation, cooling, and for mass selection.

The goal of a master thesis at TRIGA-TRAP is the optimization of the efficiency of the laser ablation ion source. Furthermore, the lower limit of the sample amount for a mass measurement with TRIGA-TRAP has to be determined.

The following techniques can be learned and improved:

  • Production of ion beams
  • Ion optics and beam transport
  • Storing and cooling of charged particles
  • High-precision mass spectrometry with Penning traps

If you are interested in a master thesis at TRIGA-TRAP please contact Prof. Dr. Klaus Blaum () or Dr. Szilard Nagy ().