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Master and bachelor theses

Bachelor thesis:
Interfacial thermal resistance tests for the electron cooler at CSR

At the Cryogenic Storage Ring (CSR) molecular ion reactions at temperatures down to 10 K are being investigated. Here the electron cooler device provides the cold electron beam as a target for the ion-electron reactions. The inner beamline of the electron cooler is kept at temperatures <10 K, while the high-temperature-superconducting coils for guiding the electron beam are cooled to ~50 K. Currently we develop an upgrade of the electron cooler cryogenic system to improve the temperature stability. In the new setup a total cooling power of ~130 W @ 30 K will be transferred from two external coldheads. The design of the heat-transfer lines depends strongly on the specific values of thermal resistances on interfaces between various parts of the cryogenic system.

Within the bachelor project the thermal resistances on various type of screw-mounted thermal interfaces will be investigated (copper-copper, thermal-paste, indium foil, etc.). Furthermore, thermal resistance of various types of flexible-coper-strips will be determined. The results will be used to propose the optimal design of the electron-cooler cryogenic-system.

Please contact Oldřich Novotný () or Andreas Wolf () directly. Alternatively apply at the division's secretary office ().