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Master and bachelor theses

Master thesis / Ph.D.:
Fast 3D Imaging Detector for the CSR Storage Ring & Reaction Dynamics Investigations at 10 K

Using the Cryogenic Storage Ring (CSR) we will investigate molecular ion reactions at temperatures down to 10 K. To detect the reaction products a specialized detector framework is being set up.

Gas-phase ion reactions play a key role in many environments, such as astrophysical media (e.g. interstellar clouds), tokamak plasmas, and industrial plasmas. Theoretical calculations to describe these reactions fail in most cases due to a too high number of the possible reaction pathways. Thus laboratory investigations under extreme conditions (low pressure, low temperatures) are necessary.

The fast (kHz) fragment imaging detector was partly commissioned at CSR recently. The Ph.D./ Master candidate will further extend the setup, optimize its performance, develop the data acquisition and analysis software, and ultimately use the detector to study selected reactions of molecular ions with electrons (fall 2016 and further on).

Topics to learn about:

  • Innovative detector technique
  • GHz electronics
  • kHz imaging cameras
  • LabView, ROOT, CAD SW…
  • Analysis of large, multidimensional datasets
  • Molecular physics
  • EXtremly-High Vacuum (XHV)
  • Ultracold technology
  • Teamwork

A general prerequisite for a successful work is interest in innovative scientific equipment and laboratory work.

Please contact Oldřich Novotný () or Andreas Wolf () directly. Alternatively apply at the division's secretary office ().