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Postdoc positions

Postdoctoral position within BASE (Baryon Antibaryon Symmetry Experiment) at CERN

The BASE collaboration external Link at the antiproton decelerator facility of CERN is performing high-precision comparisons of the fundamental properties of protons and antiprotons. Using advanced, ultra-stable, cryogenic particle traps and superconducting detectors with single particle sensitivity, we have performed the most precise measurement of the proton-to-antiproton charge-to-mass ratio with a fractional precision of 11 significant digits. In another measurement, we have invented a novel spectroscopy method, which allowed for the first ultra-high precision measurement of the antiproton magnetic moment with a fractional precision of 1.5 parts in a billion. Together with our recent measurement of the proton magnetic moment this improves the precision of previous experiments by more than a factor of 3000. A time series analysis of this recent magnetic moment measurement furthermore enabled us to set first direct constraints on the interaction of antiprotons with axion like particles.

A post doc will be involved in all aspects of the operation of BASE. Therefore, we are looking for a candidate with experience in precision measurements, cryogenic engineering, electronics, software engineering, data analysis, and all aspects which are required for the successful operation of an advanced experimental Penning-trap physics laboratory.

The candidate will either be employed by the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg, Germany (P.I. Klaus Blaum) or by RIKEN fundamental symmetries laboratory (P.I. Stefan Ulmer external Link). Please send your full CV, information on your scientific tracking record and not less than two recommendation letters to Stefan Ulmer ().