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PhD student positions

PhD thesis: Mass measurements of long-lived transuranium nuclides with the PI-ICR technique at TRIGA-TRAP

Experimental setup of TRIGA-SPEC at the Research Reactor of University Mainz

We offer an exceptional opportunity for a highly motivated doctoral student with a strong background in physics to join our research project at TRIGA-Trap. The successful candidate will have the possibilities to work on cutting-edge science projects.

Located at the research reactor TRIGA Mainz external Link, the Penning-trap mass spectrometer TRIGA-TRAP is currently performing high-precision mass measurements on transuranium elements with the PI-ICR technique. This provides a rare opportunity to improve the precision of the mass surface in this mass region, which is essential to enhance the predictive power of nuclear models. High-precision mass measurements of elements heavier than uranium are scarce, and thus, the scientific results obtained through this project will have a significant impact on the understanding of the deformed N = 152 neutron shell closure.

As a member of our team, the successful candidate will work on a range of topics, and gain experience in the production and detection of (radioactive) ion beams, 3D CAD, ion optics, beam transport and diagnostics, trapping and cooling of ions, high-precision mass spectrometry techniques with Penning traps, data analysis, and automatization of measurement and regulation processes with LabView and CS control system. Specifically, the focus of the PhD thesis will be on mass measurements of long-lived transuranium nuclides with the PI-ICR technique at TRIGA-TRAP.

The scientific results obtained at TRIGA-TRAP can be submitted as a PhD thesis to the University of Heidelberg. This provides an exceptional opportunity for the successful candidate to make a significant contribution to the field of nuclear physics and to gain valuable experience in cutting-edge research techniques.

We are looking for a highly motivated individual with a passion for physics and a strong background in the field. Applicants should hold an MSc, Diploma, or equivalent in physics or a related field and should have experience in the areas of ion trapping, mass spectrometry, and/or atomic physics. Strong skills in programming, data analysis, and automation are also desirable.

The PhD position is limited to a duration of 3 years, and applications should be sent to Prof. Dr. Klaus Blaum (postal address: Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, P.O. Box 10 39 80, D-69029 Heidelberg, Germany). For further information, interested applicants can contact Prof. Dr. Klaus Blaum () or Dr. Szilard Nagy ().

If you are passionate about physics and are excited about this unique opportunity to be a part of cutting-edge research in nuclear physics, we encourage you to apply with your CV and a cover letter explaining your motivation and relevant experience. We look forward to hearing from you!