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PhD student positions

PhD thesis within the COLLAPS experiment at ISOLDE/CERN:
Collinear laser spectroscopy on short-lived radionuclides with COLLAPS

Argon ion and dye (Coherent 699-21) laser system

COLLAPS is an experiment located at the "isotope factory" ISOLDE at CERN. Its aim is the investigation of ground state properties (spins, electro-magnetic moments and charge radii) of exotic, short-lived nuclei, which allow a better understanding of the nuclear interactions. As a PhD student, you will be the contact person at CERN. You will be responsible for the beamtime preparations including the laser system, the detection system and other hardware components, as well as the measuring software. During the thesis laser spectrocopic measurements on short-lived neutron-deficient Mg isotopes will be performed and analyzed.

For more details concerning the COLLAPS experiment see:

  • daily operation of our cw laser system and upgrade of our frequency-stabilization system
  • implementation of an online ion-source
  • maintenance of our C++ acquisition software
  • help with preparation of on-line experiments
  • data analysis

  • cw laser spectroscopy
  • general electronics
  • running of experiments
  • basics of C++
  • data analysis

If you are interested please contact Klaus Blaum ().
Additional contact person:
Wilfried Nörtershäuser external Link
Technische Universität Darmstadt
Institut für Kernphysik
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