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Penning trap g-factor measurements

g-Factor of the Proton

The magnetic moment of the proton is currently known at a level of 1E-8. The value is extracted from high precision hyperfine spectroscopy by means of a MASER in a magnetic field. We intend to improve the current value by a factor of 10, at least. To this end, a double-Penning trap setup has been developed. Recently the first spin quantum-jumps were detected, which is a crucial milestone towards the high precision measurement of the magnetic moment of the proton. This opens up a highly exciting perspective, a new high precision test of the matter-antimatter symmetry, which is one of the most fundamental symmetries of the standard model of high energy physics. The Penning trap method applied in this experiment can be directly applied to measure the g-factor of the antiproton, which is currently known at a level of 1E-3 only. We intend to improve the experimental precision by a factor of one million or better. Read the details here … >


For the measurement of the g-factor of the electron in extremely heavy ions, a novel cryogenic Penning trap, called ALPHATRAP, is currently set up at MPIK. It features an access to the Heidelberg EBIT, which can deliver even the heaviest highly charged ions up to 208Pb81+. With these systems it becomes possible to probe QED at the boundary of our knowledge in the most extreme fields … >

Magnetic Moment of 3He2+ and Hyperfine Structure of 3He+

Currently we are working towards the first direct high-precision measurement of the 3He2+ magnetic moment with a relative precision of 10-9 or better as well as an improved value for the ground state hyperfine splitting of 3He+ … >