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Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics
P.O. Box 10 39 80
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Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics
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Special Seminars 2013

Time: Wednesday, 25 Sep 2013, 15.00 h
Place: Seminar room Blaum
Speaker: Dr. Franklin Martinez, Universität Greifswald
Title: Production of polyanionic clusters in ion traps


Time: Monday, 22 July 2013, 17.15 h
Place: Seminar room, Bothe Lab
Speaker: Dr. Vladimir Yerokhin, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University
Title: QED effects in the hydrogen molecule


Time: Monday, 15 Apr 2013, 15.15 h
Place: Seminar room Blaum
Speaker: Prof. Guy Ron, Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Title: Lux et Lex: Optical Traps for β decay studies


Trapped radioactive atoms and ions have become a standard tool of the trade for precision studies of beyond SM physics. β decay studies, in particular, offer the possibility of detecting deviations from standard model predictions of the weak interaction which signal new physics. These "precision frontier" searches are complementary to the high energy searches performed by the LHC and other high energy/high luminosity facilities.
I will present a general overview of magneto-optical and optical traps and their use for weak interaction studies. I will further present both the Berkeley 21Na trapping experiment and the new Hebrew University 17-25Ne trapping program, recent experimental results, and future plans.


Time: Tuesday, 12 Mar 2013, 10.15 h
Place: 2nd floor Bothe lab
Speaker: Giovanni Cerchiari, University of Milan
Title: Optical system for positronium excitation in the AEgIS antimatter gravity experiment