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Gertraud Dücker
Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik Heidelberg
Tel.: +49-(0)6221-516 851

Andreas Wolf
Tel.: +49-(0)6221-516 503
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5th International Workshop on
Electrostatic Storage Devices

ESD 2013 June 17 - 21, 2013
Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics
Heidelberg, Germany


Scientific Scope

The dynamic development of electrostatic storage devices for ion beams is creating new experimental options for research on large and small molecules, highly charged ions, and atomic clusters. The growing capabilities of these devices greatly expand the advantages of using stored ion beam methods by the availability of cryogenic temperatures, high molecular masses, and high-quality low-velocity ion beams. Furthermore, new opportunities arise for employing laser sources in a wide spectral range and for merged-beam collision experiments, ring-internal targets, and advanced particle detection techniques. Thus, new possibilities are created for sensitive experiments on collisional and internal rearrangements in complex atomic-scale systems, and in fields such as mass spectrometry and weak interactions in nuclei.

Accompanying these advances, International Workshops on Electrostatic Storage Devices were held in Eilat, Israel (2005) externer Link, Stockholm, Sweden (2007) externer Link, Aarhus, Denmark (2009) externer Link and Gatlinburg, USA (2011) externer Link. In the line of the previous meetings, the Heidelberg Workshop ESD 2013 will be devoted to progress in the development of instruments and procedures as well as to research with low-energy stored ion beams - expanding to an increasingly broad range of scientific areas as the experimental options evolve.

The following topics are envisaged for ESD 2013 (see also the ESD 2013 Program and the List of Posters):
  • Intra-molecular energy and charge propagation and rearrangement
  • Vibrational autodetachment in complex molecular ions
  • Spectroscopy with fast ion beams, including new wavelength regimes
  • Merged beams experiments with stored ions
  • Gas-phase studies of ionic processes in organic chemistry
  • Low-energy ion storage and nuclear physics
  • Stored ion beam techniques in mass spectrometry
  • Particle detectors for low-energy ion beams
  • Sources of cold and complex molecular ions
  • Development of low-energy stored ion beam facilities
  • Ionic and molecular processes in atmospheric, astrophysical and plasma research