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Gertraud Dücker
Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik Heidelberg
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Andreas Wolf
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5th International Workshop on
Electrostatic Storage Devices

ESD 2013 June 17 - 21, 2013
Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics
Heidelberg, Germany


List of Posters

C 1 J. Alexander Modeling electron and energy transfer processes in collisions between ions and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon molecules
J. Alexander, T. Chen, B. Forsberg, A. Pettersson, M. Gatchell, H. Cederquist, H. Zettergren
C 2 A. Becker A Detector for 3D Molecular Fragmentation Imaging at the Cryogenic Storage Ring
A. Becker, C. Krantz, O. Novotný, K. Spruck, X. Urbain, S. Vogel and A. Wolf
C 3 T. Best Probing reactive processes in a 22pole Ion Trap with a Multicycle Reflectron based TOF detector
E. Endres, D. Hauser, O. Lakhmanskaya, T. Best, and R. Wester
C 4 C. Breitenfeldt Investigation of radiative cooling of small metal cluster anions by laser-induced electron detachment
C. Breitenfeldt, K. Blaum, M. Froese, S. George, M. Lange, S. Menk, L. Schweikhard, A. Wolf
C 5 V. Chandrasekaran Delayed emission in small carbon cluster anions
V. Chandrasekaran, H. Rubinstein, B. Kafle, Y. Toker, O. Heber, M. L. Rappaport, D. Schwalm and D. Zajfman
C 6 M. F. Gharaibeh K-Shell Photoionization in the Nitrogen Isonuclear Sequence
M. F. Gharaibeh, J. M. Bizau, D. Cubaynes, S. Guilbaud, N. El Hassan, M. M. Al Shorman, C. Miron, C. Nicolas, E. Robert, I. Sakho, C. Blancard and B. M. McLaughlin
C 7 D. Grinfeld Space-Charge Dynamics in a Multi-Reflection Ion Trap
A. Giannakopulos, D. Grinfeld, I. Kopaev, A. Makarov, M. Monastyrskiy, M. Skoblin
C 8 F. Grussie A versatile ion-neutral collision setup for the CSR
F. Grussie, F. Berg, M. Grieser, A. P. O'Connor, and H. Kreckel
C 9 M. Ji The prompt and delayed dissociation of Pyrene cation in the Miniring
M. Ji, C. Ortéga, R. Brédy, J. Bernard, L. Chen, G. Montagne, A. Cassimi, Y. Ngono-Ravache, C. Joblin and S. Martin
C 10 C. Johnson Charge separation and the early stages of dissolution in hydrated salt clusters
C. Johnson, C. Leavitt and M. Johnson
C 11 T. Kolling A Laser Vaporization (LVAP) metal ion cluster source
T. Kolling, M. Tombers and G. Niedner-Schatteburg
C 12 H. Kreckel Combining experimental techniques for comprehensive case studies of molecular astrophysics
H. Kreckel, F. Grussie, A.P. O'Connor, A. Becker, C. Krantz, O. Novotny, and A. Wolf
C 13 M. Lange Limits to the Persistence of Self-Synchronized Bunches in an Electrostatic Ion Beam Trap
M. Lange, K. Blaum, C. Breitenfeldt, M. Froese, S. George, M. Grieser, S. Menk, L. Schweikhard, A. Wolf
C 14 J. Matsumoto Construction of a tabletop electrostatic storage ring
J. Matsumoto, K. Gouda and H. Shiromaru
C 15 Y. Nakano Status of the injection beamline for the cryogenic electrostatic storage ring at RIKEN
Y. Nakano, T. Masunaga, Y. Enomoto and T. Azuma
C 16 O. Novotný Calorimeter detector for fragmentation studies at CSR
O. Novotný, L. Gamer, C. Krantz, A. Pabinger, C. Pies, C. Enss, D. W. Savin, A. Fleischmann, and A. Wolf
C 17 C. Ortéga Measurement of PAH Kinetic Energy Release (KER) in the Mini-Ring
C. Ortéga, R. Brédy, M. Ji, J. Bernard, G. Montagne, A. Cassimi, Y. Ngono-Ravache, C. Joblin, L. Chen and S. Martin
C 18 A. Prabhakaran Electron Velocity Map Imaging in an Electrostatic Ion Beam Trap
A. Prabhakaran, M. Rappaport, Y. Toker, O. Heber, D. Schwalm, D. Zajfman
C 19 A. Prygarin Monte Carlo simulations of β-ν Correlation Precision Measurements of 6He+ in an Electrostatic Trap
M. Hass, S. Vaintraub, A. Prygarin, A. Dhal, O. Heber, T. Hirsh, D. Melnik, T. Kong, M. L. Rappaport, G. Ron, D. Schwalm, T. Segal, D. Zajfman, K. Blaum
C 20 H. Rubinstein A Cryogenic Electrostatic Ion Beam Trap to study molecular ions and clusters at 4 - 300 K
H. Rubinstein, M. Rappaport, Y. Toker, V. Chandrasekaran, O. Heber, D. Schwalm and D. Zajfman
C 21 K. Spruck Development and tests of a single particle counting detector for the CSR
K. Spruck, A. Becker, C. Krantz, A. Müller, O. Novotný, A. Wolf and S. Schippers
C 22 K.E. Stiebing Status of FLSR
K. E. Stiebing, D. Tiedemann, R. Dörner, F. King, A. Jung, M. Völp and A. Papash
C 23 S. Vaintraub Design of a new position and energy sensitive electron detector
S. Vaintraub, M. Hass, H. Edri, A. Prygarin and T. Segal
C 24 S. Vogel Status of the low-energy electron cooler for the Cryogenic Storage Ring
S. Vogel, K. Blaum, C. Krantz, A. Shornikov, and A.Wolf
C 25 J. A. Wyer Gas-phase spectroscopy of heme ions
J. A. Wyer and S. Brøndsted Nielsen
I 14 M. Gatchell First results from the Double ElectroStatic Ion-Ring ExpEriment, DESIREE
M. Gatchell, H. T. Schmidt, J. D. Alexander, G. Andler, M. Björkhage, M. Blom, L. Brännholm, E. Bäckström, T. Chen, W. Geppert, P. Halldén, D. Hanstorp, F. Hellberg, A. Källberg, M. Larsson, S. Leontein, L. Liljeby, P. Löfgren, S. Mannervik, A. Paál, P. Reinhed, K-G. Rensfelt, S. Rosén, F. Seitz, A. Simonsson, M. H. Stockett, R. D. Thomas, H. Zettergren and H. Cederquist
I 29 M. H. Stockett Low center-of-mass energy collisions between Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon ions and noble gases
M. H. Stockett, J. D. Alexander, U. Bērziņš, T. Chen, K. Farid, M. Gatchell, A. Johansson, K. Kulyk, H. T. Schmidt, H. Zettergren and H. Cederquist