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Physics Beyond the Standard Model (WS 2023/24)


After a (condensed) review of the Standard Model of Particle Physics, its shortcomings, and features of nature that we do not yet understand, I will discuss ways to extend the SM at high energies and (theoretical and experimental) guidance we have on our road to find out how nature could look like at shortest distances.

Topics covered in the lecture include Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and its Dynamics, Models of a Composite Higgs, Extra Dimensions, Supersymmetry, and further approaches to understand the puzzling hierarchies we observe in nature, Effective Field Theory, Flavor Physics & Neutrino Masses, Dark Matter Models, Baryogenesis and other aspects of Cosmology, as well as the Strong CP Problem and Axions.

Target Audience

Students of Master of Science in Physics: Theoretical Physics / Particle Physics, PhD students

Useful knowledge

Quantum Field Theory I, Particle Physics

Time and Place

Fri, 9:15 - 11:00
Philosophenweg 12 / R 106




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