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PhD Theses

Limitations of Rare Event HPGe Experiments due to Muon-Induced Neutron Background
Laura Vanhoefer, TU Munich (2018)
Study on pulse shapes of germanium detectors with a point like contact geometry for the GERDA and MAJORANA experiments
Alexander Hegai, Uni Tübingen (2018)
Measurement of the spatial location of double escape events in a germanium detector using a PET scanner
Christopher Alexander Schmitt, Uni Tübingen (2018)
Characterization of the liquid argon veto of the Gerda experiment and its application for the measurement of the 76Ge half-life
Anne Wegmann, MPI-K / Uni Heidelberg (2017)
Improvement of Performances and Background Studies in GERDA Phase II
Valerio D'Andrea, LNGS / Uni L'Aquila (2017)
Pulse Shape Analysis for the GERDA Experiment to Set a New Limit on the Half-life of 0νββ Decay of 76Ge
Victoria Wagner, MPI-K / Uni Heidelberg (2017)
Development of Pulse Shape Discrimination Methods for BEGe Detectors
Liao Hen-Ye, MPI-P / LMU Munich (2016)
The neutrinoless double beta decay experiment GERDA Phase II: A novel ultra-low background contacting technique for germanium detectors and first background data
Tobias Bode, TU Munich (2016)
Search for 2νββ Excited State Transitions and HPGe Characterization for Surface Events in GERDA Phase II
Björn Lehnert, Uni Dresden (2016)
Confined event samples using Compton coincidence measurements for signal and background studies in the GERDA experiment
Katharina von Sturm, Uni Padova (2016)
Study on modified point contact germanium detectors for low background applications
Marco Salathe, MPI-K / Uni Heidelberg (2015)
Data Reconstruction and Analysis for the GERDA Experiment
Giovanni Benato, Uni Zurich (2015)
Background Reduction Techniques for the GERDA Experiment
Manuel Walter, Uni Zurich (2015)
Muonic Background in the GERDA 0νββ Experiment
Kai Freund, U. Tübingen (2014)
Search for the neutrinoless double β-decay in GERDA Phase I using a Pulse Shape Discrimination technique
Andrea Kirsch, MPI-K / Uni Heidelberg (2014)
Results on Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Search in GERDA: Background Modeling and Limit Setting
Neslihan Becerici-Schmidt, MPI-P / TU Munich (2014)
Study of Lepton Number Conserving and Non-Conserving Processes Using GERDA Phase I Data
Sabine Hemmer, Uni Padova (2014)
Signal and background studies for the search of neutrinoless double beta decay in GERDA
Matteo Agostini, TU Munich (2013)
Analysis of the first data of the GERDA experiment at LNGS
Paolo Zavarise, LNGS / Uni L'Aquila (2013)
Studies of Neutron Flux Suppression from a γ-ray Source and the GERDA Calibration System
Michal Tarka, Uni Zurich (2012)
Methods to improve and understand the sensitivity of high purity germanium detectors for searches of rare events
Oleksander Volynets, MPI-P / TU Munich (2012)
Calibration of Phase I of the GERDA Double Beta Decay Experiment
Francis Froborg, Uni Zurich (2012)
Analysis of the Gerda Muon Veto -- First Light
Florian Ritter, Uni Tübingen (2012)
LArGe -- A liquid argon scintillation veto for GERDA
Mark Heisel, MPI-K / Uni Heidelberg (2011)
Neutron capture on 76Ge
Georg Meierhofer, Uni Tübingen (2010)
Pulse Shapes and Surface Effects in Segmented Germanium
Daniel Lenz, TU Munich (2010)
Design, Simulation und Aufbau des Gerda-Myonvetos
Markus Knapp, Uni Tübingen (2009)
Performance and stability tests of bare high purity germanium detectors in liquid argon for the GERDA experiment
Marik Barnabé Heider, MPI-K / Uni Heidelberg (2009)
Development of Segmented Germanium Detectors for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Experiments
Jing Liu, MPI-P / TU Munich (2009)
Germanium detector studies in the framework of the GERDA experiment
Dušan Budjáš, MPI-K / Uni Heidelberg (2009)
Search for Double Beta Decay with HPGe Detectors at the Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory
Oleg Chkvorets, MPI-K / Uni Heidelberg (2008)
Liquid argon as active shielding and coolant for bare germanium detectors -- A novel background supression method for the GERDA 0νββ experiment
Johann Peter Peiffer, MPI-K / Uni Heidelberg (2007)
Techniques to distinguish between electron and photon induced events using segmented germanium detectors
Kevin Kröninger, MPI-P/TU Munich (2007)

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